28 Aug 2018
Best Tree Pruning Company

Tree Pruning Company

When you need to a trim, call our tree pruning company. Tarzan Tree Removal is available 24/7, especially in the case of emergencies. Because trees are in such close proximity to homes and other properties, it is important that they are pruned once every few years. A deep pruning can last even longer, especially when branches are interfering with power lines. Or begin touch the home. Rather then completely removing a tree, we always opt for trimming.

During the spring and summer season clients call us daily for pruning. But to the contrary they do as well in fall and winter. Although Queens is the biggest borough, Brooklyn is the most populated. So it seems like we are busy all year round trimming, pruning and removing trees. Despite what people may think, Brooklyn has an enormous amount of greenery. With so many home and property owners, there are large amount of people who need a tree pruning company.

About Our Tree Pruning Company

Although there are many other tree pruning companies in Brooklyn, in such a short amount of time Tarzan Tree Removal has become a top choice. In 2016 we began as a start-up company. Like many start-ups our main focus was gaining a clientele to sustain business. And we were able to do that successfully because of our branding, client relations and company motto.

Tree Pruning Company

Since then we have been nominated for Best of Brooklyn. Along with other tree services that have been around for more than three years. We are happy to be able to even be in the same voting pool as them. Which proves just how far we have come. (Right now we are encouraging all of our clients to vote for us!)

Along with tree pruning we offer stump grinding, tree removal and yard clean-ups. With an experienced team we are able to remove and trim safely. In Brooklyn this means inches away from telephone pools, wires, electrical and carry most of the pieces through the home since many homes don’t have backyard access.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please email booking@tarzantreeremoval.com.

22 Mar 2017

Fun Facts About Japan and It’s Pine Trees

]Tarzan Tree Removal Japanese Pine Trees.

Tarzan Tree Removal takes pride and passion in the trade and industry. In all cases, we always put the best interest of the tree first. If there is a way that our team can preserve a tree through trimming and pruning tactics, it will always be our first option.

In Japan, there are some trees are considered especially important. This includes three types.

The pine. Pines are found across New York and the Brooklyn area. In the Japanese culture pine trees symbolize positivity, as it is evergreen all year round. Even in the colder seasons like fall and winter.

Bamboo is sacred and stands for strength because they grow long and tall. This type of plant is very prominent in Japan and other Asian Countries.

Rose blossom. Since this type of tree only grows in the dark of winter Japanese people believe that it represents patience.

Cedar Trees in Japan Vs. New York

The Brooklyn area is also filled with cedar trees, just like in Japan. However, they do not have the same affect on New Yorkers as they do it Japan.

Another fact about Japan is that 70% of the country is covered in forest. During World War II the Japanese had to cut down much of its forest for supplies. After the war was over they planted cedar and pine trees. These types of trees grow quickly and easily replaced the empty patches of land.

Fast forward to the current state of Japan. The cedar trees are now the cause for the allergies almsost 40% of Japanese people suffer from today called Hay Fever. Because the cedar trees began to grow so rapidly, it was hard to stop them. During the spring months many Japanese people will wear masks and take tons of medication for Hay Fever.

In New York, however, we do not have to worry about Hay Fever.

02 Mar 2017

How Tarzan Tree Removal Can Help

Government companies like Build it Back have been working in Brooklyn since Hurricane Sandy. After the destruction of the storm, many families were left with homes destroyed by the water. Although some were able to be fixed, most were completely destroyed.

Build it Back has been working since 2012 to rebuild the homes ground up. Not only are they re-built, but all of the homes have been completely raised. So that if another storm happens again there is a lesser chance of water getting into the home if it is 10 above the ground.

Tarzan Tree Removal has been helping families fixing their home privately. We have been hired by contractors that work for Build it Back to remove trees in order for the building process to continue. Although its been over four years since Hurricane Sandy, we are still being hired by them.

Recently, just about a week ago, Tarzan Tree Removal was hired on Bedford Avenue to remove a tree out of the backyard for Build it Back. Although the home was almost complete, the contractors felt that the tree was posing a threat to the property. There are many homes still waiting to be finished in the Brooklyn area. Especially Gerristen Beach, which is surrounded by water and its known as ‘the beach’ area of Brooklyn. This area was hit very hard during Hurricane Sandy with homes still empty and damaged, waiting to be fixed.

The Difference Between Tarzan Tree Removal and Other Services

Tarzan Tree Removal is located in Gerristen Beach and has become the premiere emergency tree service for the area. The company is fully insured and has workers comp insurance. Since this type of insurance is expensive, most companies do not have them. This is why our company stands out from the other companies.

By choosing Tarzan Tree Removal you are paying for a service and the protection of your personal property. If an accident were to occur, which can happen due to the nature of the work, our insurance will protect the homeowner in every way. These certificates can be provided for the client prior to a tree project start date.

For more questions about our tree service, please call 347-833-5862.

Call us for Drone Removal!

When there is a drone stuck in a tree, think of Tarzan Tree Removal! Or at least that is what the Cypress Hills Cemetery did. We get a variety of calls about all types of tree removal services. Some of them are of the norm like tree removal or stump grinding. Others are random like drone removal. Or not so random being the fact drones are becoming very popular toys used for videos and photographer.

Yesterday we can an emergency tree removal call from a man who was using a drone at his home 2 miles from Cypress Hill Cemetery. When our team arrived at the cemetery we were surprised to find an Oak that was over 150 years old and 160 ft high. Removing the drone proved to be more difficult than we thought. But of course Tarzan Tree Removal was up for the challenge. After getting one drone stuck in the tree they decided to use another one to try and get it out. Of course, this was unsuccessful. And with two drones in the tree, it was time to call Tarzan Tree Removal.

With a tree this old it is important for our tree climbers to be delicate during the process. Especially since most tree climbers use spikes to get to the top. After an hour or so the two drones were carefully removed. It took two rounds. It was important for the tree climber to be especially carefully handling the drones since they too are delicate (and expensive) items.

History of Cypress Hill

After being called for drone removal Tarzan Tree Removal learned a fun fact about Brooklyn’s history. It was developed in 1848 and has had some famous people in
the United States History to be buried there. This includes Jackie Robinson, one of the first recognized African American baseball players in the United States. Along with many solidiers from wars that happned with our country like the American Civil War, WW1 and WW2 and the Korean War.

You learn some new everyday!