Apply for NYC Tree Permit

If you are a homeowner looking to trim, remove or perform any type of service to tree that is on New York City you MUST apply for a permit. Check “NO” when the permit application asks if you have a filing representative for this project and if you are requesting a Building Plan Review unless there is an engineer involved in this process. This is usually when you constructing or re-constructing your property and have an architect involved.

To apply for apply for a permit please visit the NYC Gov Parks. Any type of construction related tree work or work being done near a tree should have a permit applied AT LEAST 20 days before. Tarzan Tree Removal advises you to do it at least a month or even two months before.

For any other questions please contact:

Leanna Kirschen

Forester, Permits and Plan Review

T 718.393.7254
F 718.760.6640

NYC Parks
Forestry, Horticulture and Natural Resources
Olmstead Center
Flushing Meadows/ Corona Park

Flushing, NY 11368

Tree Service Permit Information