09 Nov 2019

Best of Brooklyn Tree Company

Tarzan Tree Removal has won the DIME Best of Brooklyn for the second year in a row in our category, Home & Garden. We have been named the top tree service in Brooklyn thanks to all of the voters. As a small business that started in just 2016, we are filled with gratitude to have built such a relationship with our clients. So much so that we were able to get more votes than other tree service companies that have been around for over a decade. And our biggest thanks goes not only to our clients, but to our amazing crew, who have been with us since the beginning.

Because of our big win we will be offering 15% off 1 cord and 2 cords of firewood. Since the temperature has dramatically dropped, clients have been calling daily to get ready for the winter. Now is the time for clients to start stacking firewood and also take advantage of the offer, which will last until December 1. Along with a firewood special, we will be offering 10% off all tree removal jobs. If there is more than 1 tree being removed on the property in the same day, we will offer 15% off the second one.

Emergency tree removal Brooklyn NY

Like our team says every year, despite the fact that the cold season has begun, our phones are ringing. Trees need to be trimmed all year round. Especially when the leaves fall off and homeowners can see the health of the tree. With cold weather comes strong winds, which is another reason trees need to be removed. Strong winds can cause trees to break in half or even completely detach from the stump. Trees that have been around for over 100 years are very strong.

And when they fall it can cause devastating damage to the property and anything around it. Emergency tree removal rates are much more expensive than a scheduled tree removal, so try and have your trees evaluated before something happens.

For more information about our Best of Brooklyn Specials please call 347-833-5862 or email booking@tarzantreeremoval.com.

Tarzan Tree Removal IS the Best Tree Company in Brooklyn, NY!

30 Sep 2019
Tree Trimming for Sukkot

What is Sukkot?

Followers of the Jewish faith celebrate Sukkot each year. In 2019, Sukkot begins at sundown on Sunday, Oct. 13 and ends the evening of Sunday, October 20. Its part of the pilgrimage holiday called Shalosh Regalim, which is an agricultural festival. It was once considered a thanksgiving of sort for the fruit harvest. It is also a widely celebrated Holiday in our city.

Brooklyn is the most populated out of the 5 boroughs NYC. According to an article from Hadassah Magazine, 1 in every 4 Brooklyn residents is Jewish. That means a few weeks before Sukkot is the time A LOT of Jewish people begin to prepare. In fact, we are busy with Sukkot over a month before the holiday takes place. With that said, here is the explanation of how our Brooklyn Tree Service and the Sukkot holiday coordinate.

Tarzan Tree Removal Prepares for Sukkot

As per the holiday tradition, followers of the faith have to build a Sukkah, which is a hut constructed from any pieces of branches grown from a tree and has been cut off from the ground. The roof on the hut is made from branches and loose twigs from the ground. Jewish clients call us during Sukkot to cut down or trim the trees in their backyard so they can use the pieces to build a Sukkah. Being that Brooklyn is a city, trees are not as common as they are in the suburbs. Families congregate together and share their Sukkah.

During the Holiday of Sukkot we offer our Jewish clients 15% to 20% off of all tree trimming. Joseph, the owner, will visit the property and give an estimate. We try to encourage all of our Jewish clients to call us at least 2 weeks before the holiday so that we can make sure there is enough time to prepare the Sukkah.

Sometimes we even get special helpers, like the photo pictured above!

Sukkot Tree Service in Brooklyn

Every year we look forward to taking part in this wonderful holiday, and we are a highly sought after tree service in Brooklyn because how we serve our neighbors! For any questions about tree trimming or our special services during the holidays, please call 347-833-5862.

30 Aug 2019
NYC Tree Health

Tree Health Inspection Service

As we get closer to the colder weather we are urging our clients to check out their trees. The best way to promote the heath and growth of a tree is to maintenance it. That means we trim when its time to trim, or even treat for diseases.

But it’s not just the weather you need to worry about when it comes to keeping your trees healthy.

Currently emerald ash borer beetles are killing trees in NYC parks and homes. Its an infestation that feeds and finally kills ash trees. It is a disease from Asia, which came here on another tree. Just like over a century ago when Asian Chestnut trees that were transported here brought a disease that nearly wiped out our American Chestnuts.

Sick Fallen TreeIf you notice holes on your ash tree bark, or anything different on the park, please call us right away. We can perform an insecticide treatment that will hopefully save the life of a tree. Ash trees are mostly found in our NYC parks, which is pretty much the only place many trees can still be found in the city. And also our only chance at really preserving trees in our area.

Tree Health NYC

Although we are a tree service company, we do not want to see all the trees in NYC, or the country for that matter, cut down. Our clients are urged to opt for tree trimming when possibly. If the tree poses a threat to a home because of its proximity we first advise our clients to have a deep trimming. However, if the tree is dead or rotted we will inform you of the condition, and immediately provide you the tree removal service you need.

Trees that do not receive yearly check-ups, and tree trimming of dead limbs and branches pose great danger to all who pass by them. Strong winds can cause a tree to fall down on whatever it is near; house, car, or a worse, a person. This is why it is so important to regularly care for your trees, and inspect the health of your trees!

Benefits of Healthy Tress

In our already polluted city, trees help the air quality. But in a city like NYC, with the density of its population, its important to maintain the health of your trees to avoid removing them. At Tarzan Tree Removal we work hard to keep the trees of NYC healthy, but in NYC we are also committed to keeping people, and property safe from potentially hazardous trees.

On a side note, if you are interested in learning more about saving a tree or initiatives visit Spirit of Trees for a list. We definitely want you to take action in helping to keep the trees growing and healthy, and the organizations listed there do just that!

Also, if you feel that a tree on your property may be long overdue for a health inspection then we invite you to call our Brooklyn Tree Company now!

17 Mar 2019
Local Tree Company Services

Sponsoring and What it Means to Us

Tarzan Tree Removal is based in Gerritsen Beach, a small area located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. We serve all of Brooklyn, which is the second largest borough and the most populated.  There are over 50 Brooklyn neighborhoods and fifteen different zipcodes. All of which we have served at some point or another. As Brooklynites, born and bred in this city, our team has a vast knowledge of the streets, homes and area.

Going into our third year in business we have started to expand our reach to the community over the years. As we begin to grow it is very exciting to see our logo in these types of places, which of course is because of our amazing clients that have helped us expand our business. Since we began in 2016 Tarzan Tree Removal has been a proud sponsor of the Gerritsen Beach flag football team for our little youngsters, ages 10 and below. It has been a beautiful experience see our names on their jerseys and getting to see photos of them.  It is also a special place for the owner, who remembers being that young and on the local team.

Tarzan was also a sponsor for 2018 Marine Park AYSO Soccer Club Yearbook. Another local team located in a neighboring area. Our business information can be found on page 21 of the yearbook.

For 2019 we have expanded our reach to the professional golf players at Marine Park Golf Course. There we will reach local players from all type types of industries while they pay and see our name in the score book.

Local Tree Service

At Tarzan Tree Removal we are proud to be a top rated Brooklyn Tree Company, and we strive to maintain the highest level of service to all our customers we serve. When you are looking for tree service in Brooklyn we invite you to call us, 24 hours a day!