15 Mar 2022

Large, mature trees are wonderful assets to a well-kept environment. Mature trees offer shade, cool the air, reduce energy use, and eliminate pollutants, in addition to their aesthetic value. Because of their well-established root systems, older trees require less active upkeep than younger trees.




A mature tree adds value to your property and neighborhood. It cools and shades the air, saves energy, eliminates pollutants, and beautifies your community.

Trees that are older require less active upkeep than those that are recently planted. The absence of substantial stresses such as drought, construction, pests, or disease, a well-established tree will normally remain healthy.

However, if health or site circumstances deteriorate, there is a danger that must be managed. It’s critical to be aware of changes and know how to respond. Mature trees need some care. To help your mature trees survive, I have here maintenance recommendations. So, let’s look into a few things you can do to practice tree maintenance!




The important thing you can do for your mature trees is to make sure that the water it receives is enough. In the absence of soaking rain, frequent monthly thorough watering is suggested for most established trees.

A lot of times, landowners overwater their mature trees. The root systems of mature trees are well-established, allowing them to absorb water and nutrients easily. When you overwater them, the root system of the plant is at risk of decaying.

Unlike young trees, which need to be watered regularly, older trees only need to be watered once a month. If the month experiences a lot of rain, you can forego watering your mature tree that month. Established trees might benefit from extra irrigation during times of drought.

Trees, unlike grass, prefer longer, more infrequent watering sessions. One simple method is to put a yard hose to drip water for many hours.




It may become important to trim branches as your tree becomes older. In order to maintain the tree’s health and structure, as well as the safety of persons and property surrounding it. Mature trees, like all other tree species, require frequent trimming to remove sick and dead branches from their canopy.

Many older trees, however, might benefit from weight reduction trimming in addition to regular upkeep. This method of pruning reduces the chance of limbs breaking and creating hazards by removing weight from the canopy.

While most people can prune small trees by hand, more substantial work should be left to professional tree care firms. Pruning and removing trees may be dangerous, and should only be done by experts who are educated, equipped, and insured.




Learn about the many types of tree pests and illnesses that might harm your tree. Consult a Certified Arborist if you suspect sickness.


A local tree company like Tarzan Tree Removal may also examine for weak branch attachments and perform safety checks on your tree on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for changes in the foliage of trees to detect issues early and initiate care and treatment.




English ivy is a typical poisonous invasive vine that can choke your tree. Cut vines all the way around your trees to protect them. The higher vines will die, allowing you to remove the rooted plant.

Remove all weeds, grass, and perhaps other plants from the tree’s base. Weeds deplete the tree’s water and nutrients, preventing it from thriving. Replace the weeds in the area with a thick layer of mulch.

Simple tree care for your mature tree mean’s a lot to them. Watering, pruning, and maintenance can extend their lives. If you need assistance with your mature tree care, do not hesitate to reach us or schedule an appointment now!

And for any tree care, or Brooklyn tree removal need you may have we are here to help.

10 Nov 2020
Brooklyn Tree Service Experts

Brooklyn Tree Services

Tarzan Tree Removal has gained a reputation to land them in the category of the best Brooklyn Tree Services. Over the past year our crew has been working diligently to help our clients all over the Brooklyn borough.  From complete tree removals to stump removal, Brooklyn Tree Services continues to complete each job with drive and passion. And because of these Tarzan Tree Removal continues to gain a reputation throughout the borough.

Because we are your number one Brooklyn Tree Removal Company!

For all stump removal calls we receive, it is important clients realize a few things. First, in order to completely remove a tree trunk a machine called a stump grinder has to be brought to the site. This machine is heavy and not easy to maneuver without at LEAST two people. Second, the machine is about three feet wide. If there is not a fence opening or alley way leading to the trunk, our stump grinder machine will not be able to complete the job. However, there is a chance that we can rent a stump grinder that is small enough we will let our client know.

Most of the tree removal jobs require professionals to clean-up after it is completed. This means that all of the large rounds will be transported from the site to our storage location. Most of the large branches will be put through the woodchipper machine. A wood chipper is a large machine with blades that has an engine and turns the branches into wood chips.

Brooklyn Tree Company

By choosing a Local Tree Company,  clients are already making a decision in the right direction. Although there are many other tree companies out there, hardly any of them have the characteristics we do. This includes passion, professional qualifications or personality that we do. Because of our old school style of tree climbing (since many companies now use tree lift machines) and our Brooklyn nativity, our customers never seem to be amazed by the work that we do.

With that said, it is no wonder that our customers have become Tarzan Tree Removal’s best source of referrals. Clients from last year have already started to call back to have other branches removed, bushes trimmed and ect. For more information on our Brooklyn Tree Services, or to find out why so many property owners in NYC call us, please call 347-833-5862.


15 May 2020

New Wood Chipper for Tarzan Tree Removal

After four years in business we are excited to show off our new Brush Bandit Wood Chipper that we just added to our collection. Our team wouldn’t be more excited for the Covid119 crisis to be over so it can be put to work. And that’s thanks to our customers for supporting us!

As the world moves away from diesel fuels we made the decision to go in the direction of gas. Especially in New York City. They are working effortless to cut down fuel emissions and make it as unattractive as possible for diesel machines and trucks.

The Brush Bandit Intimidator 18X is gas wood chipper with a mouth that fits 22 inch pieces of  wood. allowing this machine to process larger limbs and forked material. There is dual feed wheel system with hydraulic motors. It can handled. In plain English, this means we can chip up the wood from each job faster. And more efficiently. It’s a monster of a machine and makes our tree removal and trimmings easier.

Tree Services and Virtual Health Check-ups

As we wait for the Covid 19 crisis to be over and NYC to be taken of PAUSE we urge are clients to check the health of their trees. And the trees surrounding their property. It’s important to make sure there are not any broken branches. Bark discoloration or bug infestation. As long as the tree is treated earlier we can try to save it. For the time being we are offering virtual tree health check up appointments. If it is an emergency Tarzan Tree Removal can come to your property to remove or trim a tree. We are also accepting appointments for tree removal and services after June 15th (in hopes NYC will no longer be on PAUSE).

To book a future appointment or to do a virtual health check on a tree, please text 347-833-5862. Clients can also email us at Booking@tarzantreeremoval.com.

18 Apr 2020

Tree Service & COVID 19

Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and the International Society of Arborists (ISA) have published they types of tree companies that can still operate during the Covid-19 Crisis. Tree services across the country were left in confusion about whether they are essential or non-essential. As our industry is a niche. The two groups released a joint statement saying a.ll safety related tree work orders are deemed an essential business activity. This includes the protection of infrastructure, protection against the spread of invasive and/or injurious pests or maintaining the public safety of our communities.

Types of Tree Services the are Essential:

  • Protection of infrastructure would be removal or trimming of trees that affect utility lines, public transportation like roads and bridges.
  • Maintaining public safety would be the removal or trimming of trees any houses, infrastructures or businesses near them.
  • Treating trees of infectious diseased and pests. This is vital because the spread of these diseases can be catastrophic to the tree population.

Brooklyn Tree Services During COVID 19

Any work that is not safety-related should be deemed non-essential and can wait until the pandemic is over. According to the TCIA and ISA. The tree work that is completed during this time will be done with the utmost safety and precautions. All workers will wear masks and gloves. They will also maintain a social distance with clients. In fact, at this time, we are not directly communicating with any clients. Payments are being made virtually or via mail. We are also offering contact-less tree estimates via photos or video chat.

Any estimates that were given to clients before March 15, 2020 are being rescheduled for a future date. And Tarzan Tree Removal will honor whatever quote we gave at the time. When clients contact us we are trying to schedule them accordingly. Please call 347-833-5862 or email Booking@tarzantreeremoval.com for more information about our Brooklyn Tree Care and COVID 19.