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FREE Tree Removal Estimate

A trained local tree expert from our company will visit your property to assess the type of Brooklyn tree services you will need. Customers are given best quote, as we are known to outbid any other Brooklyn Tree Service Company in the area.

Tree Pruning & Trimming

In order to avoid fallen branches/trees or design reasons, a our tree service specialist will trim or prune your tree. Whether the trees are rotted or you would like them removed for aesthetic reasons, our team is here for you.

Stump Removal

Stump removal or grinding can be taken care of by one of our professionals that specialize in Tree Removal in a timely manner. Sometimes stumps are left over from a fallen tree or prior tree company. We will make sure that the entire stump is removed in a timely fashion.


Your Trusted Brooklyn Tree Services

Tarzan Tree Removal takes pride it is skill art of removing trees in tight areas without damaging power lines, fences or personal property. Our company views tree removal as an art. We believe it must be done with care and precision. Although there are many other tree removal companies out there, they are not us. “Our reviews speak for themselves” adds Joseph P. Messina, CEO of Tarzan Tree Removal. “Customers choose us because of the brand that Tarzan represents.

Brooklyn Tree Services

Our team is highly trained to remove unwanted trees in all types of environments and areas. We have spent a large part of 2016 helping clients all over the five boroughs clean-up their property. Currently our reputation in Brooklyn has quickly spread over the past year. However, we service the rest of the boroughs as well.

Tarzan Tree Removal is fully insured/workers compensation. Because of this we are able to work with many contractors and property management companies.

To view Tarzan Tree Removal, also known as the top Brooklyn Tree Services, in action, please take a look at the videos below:

Tree Service Videos