Brooklyn Snow Removal

Welcome to Brooklyn Snow Removal, the finest company in New York. We are also the premiere tree service company for snow removal. Our team is seasoned and trained for all types of weather conditions. Whether it is an emergency or just a simple snow storm, we will be there. Right now it is important that property owners prepare for the winter season and understand that snow removal is dangerous. It is important that they choose a professional like us. Here is why:

Just like tree removal, snow removal is just as important. It is even just as dangerous. To avoid a bad mess before a snow storm, please check all of your trees. Brooklyn Snow Removal has dealt with a lot of tree removals after a bad snow storm has hit. Although homeowners think that they can shovel snow themselves, sometimes they are wrong. It is not as easy as they think and the level of danger has increased significantly.

Last year in Sheepshead Bay and Coney Island a few people died trying to shovel snow. A couple died from carbon monoxide poisoning while sitting in the car trying to get warm. An elderly man passed away from a heart attack while trying to clear his driveway. It was devastating to hear on the news, especially when we knew we could have saved them. This is the message we are trying to spread before the winter season.


Why Call Brooklyn Snow Removal Now?

Clients praise us for our professionalism, great prices and honesty. Currently, Brooklyn Snow Removal is offering great rates and packages for property owners and renters that sign up early. Whether you live in an attached, detached or basement level home, it is important to plan the safety of your family during a snow storm.

The most important parts to clear first are the direct pathways into your home. After that you can clear the driveway and sidewalk so that you can drive. In extreme weather conditions we urge people not to drive anyway. Let us come to you and make your home safe first.

Brooklyn Snow Removal has been serving the area for the past few years. As a part of Tarzan Tree Removal, we have a loyal following of customers and neighbors. Some of which who have turned into friends.

Although right now leaves have not even begun to fall, call us. For any questions regarding snow removal or packages, call 347-833-5862.