18 Apr 2020

Tree Service & COVID 19

Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and the International Society of Arborists (ISA) have published they types of tree companies that can still operate during the Covid-19 Crisis. Tree services across the country were left in confusion about whether they are essential or non-essential. As our industry is a niche. The two groups released a joint statement saying a.ll safety related tree work orders are deemed an essential business activity. This includes the protection of infrastructure, protection against the spread of invasive and/or injurious pests or maintaining the public safety of our communities.

Types of Tree Services the are Essential:

  • Protection of infrastructure would be removal or trimming of trees that affect utility lines, public transportation like roads and bridges.
  • Maintaining public safety would be the removal or trimming of trees any houses, infrastructures or businesses near them.
  • Treating trees of infectious diseased and pests. This is vital because the spread of these diseases can be catastrophic to the tree population.

Brooklyn Tree Services During COVID 19

Any work that is not safety-related should be deemed non-essential and can wait until the pandemic is over. According to the TCIA and ISA. The tree work that is completed during this time will be done with the utmost safety and precautions. All workers will wear masks and gloves. They will also maintain a social distance with clients. In fact, at this time, we are not directly communicating with any clients. Payments are being made virtually or via mail. We are also offering contact-less tree estimates via photos or video chat.

Any estimates that were given to clients before March 15, 2020 are being rescheduled for a future date. And Tarzan Tree Removal will honor whatever quote we gave at the time. When clients contact us we are trying to schedule them accordingly. Please call 347-833-5862 or email Booking@tarzantreeremoval.com for more information about our Brooklyn Tree Care and COVID 19.

03 Mar 2020

Covid-19 and Tree Services

Every business has been affected by the coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. The rumors started at the beginning of March when the public began to feel just how serious the virus was. And how quickly it was spreading within the United States. In just a short weeks the virus spread all over the country. For New York City, where we work and live, we have gotten the worst of it; currently we have the highest ill and death count.

Our customers began pulling back once New York City declared a pandemic. In order to help our clients fears and to keep them safe we are offering contact-less estimates. This is done by having our clients Facetime or video chat us. We are also inviting clients to send over as many photos as possible. Google Maps is also a way we are able to view the property and its layout. Sometime trees are even visible from Google maps.

Right now it seems that New York City is at a standstill. Mayor Cuomo is urging New Yorkers to stay home. As of now we are still operating and are available for our spring clean up specials that we have every year. We usually offer our customers 30% off all services to get ready for the summer. However, it is up in the air how long we will be able to operate this year.

In the case that all businesses are asked to halt, we will only be available for emergency Tree services. Our 30% off Spring Special will still be available when businesses are allowed to resume again. All tree trimmings, removal and stump grinding will bave to wait.

It is unclear what the future holds as Covid-19 continues to spread within the United States. We only hope that businesses will begin to flourish again once the public is out of harms way.