17 Jan 2018
Brooklyn Landscaping Company

Brooklyn Landscaping: Professional Landscapers

Welcome to Tarzan Tree Removal, the premium Brooklyn Landscaping company in New York for getting your trees looking fresh, healthy, and of course safe from any damage. At our company we also do landscaping, it’s part of a yards job to look crisp with modern and fresh looking landscaping. With our landscaping services, they’re all year round. Landscaping never quits doesn’t matter on the season. We offer a bunch of different services regardless if it is personal or commercial property. The importance is to keep your property looking fresh, clean, and overall stylish.

Professional Landscaper If you have pesky weeds, or wanting a fresh new lawn, we got all the services for you. There are always those pesky bushes that are covering something important; we will remove it for you. The most important is re-paving your patio, which is the key to the perfect landscaping.  We offer a list of services including: moving and trimming, fertilization, seeding, irrigation, turfing, pruning, and gardens. It’s important you let a professional operate and deal with the difficult projects such as re-paving a patio, we want to keep you safe an out of trouble and overall satisfied with your property.

NYC Landscaping at its Best

Not only is beautiful landscaping includes a nice patio, it includes healthy and fresh looking trees. A nice tree needs to be trimmed properly in order for it to look beautiful and grow properly. Not to worry about changing the trees overall image, we use simple yet effective techniques so that the tree’s natural shape stays original. A perfectly trimmed tree is essential for health and aesthetic purposes. Our services will work for infected trees that aren’t growing as they used to, or want to clean up the trees look for a different look to their lawn.

Overall, our company provides affordable and professional services for our clients who are looking for the perfect property. We will care for your lawn, trees, and patio, and in return you will be left feeling satisfied and happy.

15 Dec 2017
Brooklyn Landscaping Service

Winter Brooklyn Landscaping

As the snow begins to fall most home owners start to question the idea of Winter Brooklyn Landscaping. Why would you need someone to landscape your property before the winter and snow beings to fall. Here are a few reasons why.

Call Tarzan Tree Removal Winter Brooklyn LandscapingIf you have a garden that has not been properly cleaned out for the winter then next spring it will be difficult to begin getting it ready. And this we mean preparing for grass growth. Planting flowers. And even trimming the shrubs. By moving away all of the garbage, rocks, wood and dead plants now it will be easier for Spring of 2018.

Right now we are offering special prices on our Winter Brooklyn Landscaping packages. Currently, we are offering 30% all jobs. Despite the cold we just got a project to lay down 11 yards of topsoil two shrubs. We are going to till up the ground before laying topsoil laying down seed and mulch. Along with mulch and seeds. We will be doing this on three different properties.

We also work with a variety of property managers in the area. Next week our team will be removing roots that are against a condominium wall. Along with the trees that are overhanging the property.

Brooklyn Landscaping

Laying down seeds and mulch is not the only project Tarzan Tree Removal is working on. We are also doing a variety ofTarzan Tree Removal Service yard clean-ups like mentioned before. This means removing weeds and tree limbs. Cutting down small trees to ground level so it does not create a mess as the snow beings to melt.

Our team is also advising homeowners to pay close attention to trees that are dead. Bending over or overhanging the house. If a snowstorm were to occur, as they do in New York, it would put weight on the trees. This could cause them to break off and fall onto your property. Trees are very strong and depending on their size they can fall right through a roof and into a home. In order to avoid this type of harm and danger it is vital to call your local Brooklyn Tree Service.

For any questions, please call 347-833-5862.


Bay Ridge tree removal company

Welcome to Bay Ridge Tree Removal

We are the best Bay Ridge Tree Removal company. Just ask our clients!

With some of the best reviews in the industry Bay Ridge Tree Removal has been able to move up the ranks. With all the other tree service companies out there, it is difficult for new customers to understand why we stand out. We are here to explain.

Unlike other companies we do not influx our prices. Rather, they are based on the type of tree service, length of work and how many workers. Customers tend to try and shop around for the best price. Especially for this type of service. So if they do it will be quite obvious that Bay Ridge Tree Removal offers the most affordable prices. Our honesty is also very obvious for clients that call us.

Aside from price, Bay Ridge Tree Removal performs the best work. And if you don’t believe us you can read the reviews for yourself. One of the last jobs we completed the team was even complimented by the contractor who was on site. The review can be found on Yelp under name Jess T. if you want to read it for yourself!

Bay Ridge Tree Removal: Getting Ready for the Winter

Despite the cold weather approaching Bay Ridge Tree Removal is busy. Trees still need to be pruned and trimmed. They even still need to removed. Until the snow starts coming down clients are in need of tree services.

Making sure that weak and sickly trees are checked out by a specialist is important. It will allow property owners to know whether or not a tree will survive bad weather or time. Trees that fall unexpectedly near or on a home can cause devastating damage. Depending on the size of the tree entire garages, cars and even a house can be damaged. And lets not even mention the damage it could cause to a person nearby.

Although not all situations like this can be avoided, Bay Ridge Tree Removal tries their best to save their clients from any type of carnage. But when it does happen, our emergency services are available 24/7.

To learn more about Bay Ridge Tree Removal please call 347-833-5862 or e-mail booking@tarzantreeremoval.com.


19 Oct 2016
rockaway tree services

Rockaway Tree Service and Snow Removal

Welcome to Rockaway Tree Service and Snow Removal! Unfortunately summer has ended and the cooler weather is upon us. With the change is weather comes the change in the state of our plants and trees. Plants tend to slow their growth during the fall time after a long summer of blooming and growing.

Leaves start to fall and the plants and trees can end up sitting there, rotting away. It’s important to take caution with the cooler weather coming because it makes a huge difference in your yard. With cooler weather comes snow, and with snow comes problems. A lot of the times trees will not grow to their full potential due to the amount of snow weighing on the tree.

Before it starts to snow, call Rockaway Tree Service and Snow Removal. Lets take things one-step at a time. Halloween is approaching us. Before you know it you might have trick or treaters coming on your property and knocking on your door for some candy. I’m sure you want a nice clean looking yard to make a good impression upon the trick or treaters.

Rockaway Tree Service and Snow Removal

You want to show them your yard is safe and that bending tree that’s slouching over won’t hurt them. Call Rockaway Tree Service and Snow Removal. We will make sure your yard is clean for not only the trick of treaters coming to your house, but the snow and other cold weather that will be approaching. It’s very important to take care of the rotting trees that aren’t growing properly so they don’t sit their all winter taking up space and causing a potential threat to your home and guests.

Prepare your yard and make it looking fresh and crisp for all of your Halloween parties and young kids coming to your door looking for candy. You always want to make a good impression on your guests, and the perfect way to do that is to show them your yard is clean and maintained. Call Rockaway Tree Service and Snow Removal to learn how we can benefit your home and property.