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Call us for Drone Removal!

When there is a drone stuck in a tree, think of Tarzan Tree Removal! Or at least that is what the Cypress Hills Cemetery did. We get a variety of calls about all types of tree removal services. Some of them are of the norm like tree removal or stump grinding. Others are random like drone removal. Or not so random being the fact drones are becoming very popular toys used for videos and photographer.

Yesterday we can an emergency tree removal call from a man who was using a drone at his home 2 miles from Cypress Hill Cemetery. When our team arrived at the cemetery we were surprised to find an Oak that was over 150 years old and 160 ft high. Removing the drone proved to be more difficult than we thought. But of course Tarzan Tree Removal was up for the challenge. After getting one drone stuck in the tree they decided to use another one to try and get it out. Of course, this was unsuccessful. And with two drones in the tree, it was time to call Tarzan Tree Removal.

With a tree this old it is important for our tree climbers to be delicate during the process. Especially since most tree climbers use spikes to get to the top. After an hour or so the two drones were carefully removed. It took two rounds. It was important for the tree climber to be especially carefully handling the drones since they too are delicate (and expensive) items.

History of Cypress Hill

After being called for drone removal Tarzan Tree Removal learned a fun fact about Brooklyn’s history. It was developed in 1848 and has had some famous people in
the United States History to be buried there. This includes Jackie Robinson, one of the first recognized African American baseball players in the United States. Along with many solidiers from wars that happned with our country like the American Civil War, WW1 and WW2 and the Korean War.

You learn some new everyday!


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The Best Flatbush Tree Service

Welcome to the best Flatbush Tree Service! Tarzan Tree Removal has quickly gained a reputation in Brooklyn because of our innovative techniques and affordability. Clients have been not only raving about tree removal  but they have been sending us referrals.

We provide all tree services. This includes tree removal, tree trimming/pruning, stump removal and landscape maintenance. For trees that are sickly or ill, our arborist provides 24/7 services. He is there to tell clients whether the tree is too sick to live or if it needs a simple bug infestation treatment. This summer we have helped a lot of clients clean-up their backyard. Either because they were renovating their home or doing simple spring cleaning.

This summer Flatbush Tree Service has been helping our clients prepare for winter by removing dead trees. Or trees that impose an immediate danger to their property. Although our main goal is preserve the health of the tree by yearly trimmings and pruning, the safety of our clients always remains our main concern. Fallen trees have caused damages to peoples homes, cars and garage.

Who We are: Flatbush Tree Service

Because of our ability to form a trusting relationship with clients we have become one of the top tree removal companies in Brooklyn. Clients are constantly praising us for our likability and passion. Each tree removal is an exciting event and our team always puts on a show. And the people that walk by always stop to watch.  Our team enjoys interacting with homeowners and people passing by, which is why we end of getting more business.

Clients also admire that hard work our team gives for each job. We arrive in the early morning and if it requires will work through the entire day, until night. Each job is done efficiently and with the utmost care. After it is completed, unlike most tree companies, we do an entire clean-up. Every branch, tree debris and round that is cut will be done after the job. The clean-up is not included in the price, we do that for free! It is a way to say thanks to clients and show them how dedicated we are.

For more information about Flatbush Tree Service, please call 347-833-5862.

Tree Removal

Why Brooklyn Tree Removal Services?

Welcome to Brooklyn Tree Removal Services. If you are looking for landscaping or tree services, do not go any further. Our company, Tarzan Tree Removal, has a five start reputation in the industry. Our customers have given us five star reviews, continued work and the best of all, referrals.

For services like tree removal people usually do what they call ‘shop around’ for prices. This involves calling every tree company around and requesting an estimate. We fully understand this concept and are open for free estimates 24 hours, seven days a week. However, we promise that once a customer meets our team they will choose us. This is because we are affordable, logical, friendly and most importantly, experience.

A tree arborist from our team will visit the property that needs tree services within 24 hours. He will decide whether or not the tree imposes an immediate danger. If it does our team will work day or night to remove the entire tree or branches. Our clients safety is the number one priority and as an emergency service we pledge to be there for you no matter what.

Brooklyn Tree Removal Services

Because removing a tree is a costly and big decision to make it is vital that you do it with a company you can trust. If a tree can be saved from a disease and just in fact needs a tree trimming, that is what we will do. We are not trying to shake our clients down, rather build a reputable name in the business. The team at  Brooklyn Tree Removal Services is reliable and resourceful. After every job is completed they make sure to clean-up all tree debris, branches and garbage.

As for our emergency services we have helped customers in all types of situations. Whether a tree fell onto a vehicle, garage or neighbors house we have been able to assist almost every call we get. The team is experienced in working in all types of weather conditions and environments. Because of the immense amount of knowledge we have there is no comparing us to other companies.

For all of your Brooklyn Tree Removal Services, please call 347-833-5862.

24-7 Tree Service Brooklyn NY

Sheepshead Bay Tree Service

Welcome to Sheepshead Bay Tree Service. Our company, Tarzan Tree Removal, is located in the heart of Sheepshead Bay. We provide the best tree services in the neighborhood and surrounding city of Brooklyn. Our team of professionals is recognized all over by our logo and bright colored green shirts, not to mention our amazing services.
At Sheepshead Bay Tree Service we provide tree removal, tree trimming, stump Removal and landscaping services. But above all we are known for our top notch customer service and affordable prices. We put our clients first and pledge to always be fair. The biggest complaint clients have about this industry is the feeling of being ripped off. However at Tarzan Tree Removal you will never feel that way because of our knack for negotiating.

Living in Sheepshead Bay means that you are at risk for any type of danger or damage when it comes to hurricane or strong winds. With the water so close to public and private property it is important to have home owners insurance. If a storm were to happen it is important for property owners to have a tree service on call that they can trust. Our company has experience communicating with insurance companies to make sure that their clients are covered.

Sheepshead Bay Tree Service

As the local Sheepshead Bay Tree Service we believe it helping the community at hand. We are open to sponsorship of all kinds and currently have our banner hanging at Kiddie Beach. All members and boats passing on by on the bay can read our large sign, as we supply all tree services for Kiddie Beach. Along with sponsorship our company shops and dines at all of the local stores and restaurants. We believe in supporting small businesses just like us, which is why we prefer a mom and pop shop over a franchise.

Our pricing is always fair and negotiable. We know that removing a tree is an expensive service and try to always be as fair as possible. During an emergency we want our customers to feel like they can trust us always. No matter what time of night it is someone will always either pick up or return your phone call. Whether it is a small storm or very dangerous one, we take all calls with the same attitude. Because the smallest wind storm can easily knock over a dead tree branch and damage your home it is also important for customers to be mindful of the health of their tree.

For more information please call Sheepshead Bay Tree Service at 347-833-5862.