14 Dec 2019
Crane Removal for Large Tree

Tree Removal Near Cable Wires

Tree removal and tree trimming can be tricky in NYC, especially because of the proximity of the to basically everything; the home, cable wires, electrical wires, cars and property. Most of the time when we do tree work on enormous trees and have to remove them through the home because that is the only access to the backyard. Attached homes and brownstones are what define Brooklyn. For us that means the tree service job is more challenging, not difficult.

All of this can be overwhelming and scary for our customers. Most of the time they are worried about their home being damaged. Which we understand since they are having large tree branches and logs being carried in their living room. For the past four years we have been successful removing and trimming trees in this manner without damaging our customer’s property. There may be one or two instances that this wasn’t the case, but it was explained to our clients beforehand. Sometimes there is no way to remove a tree without minimal damages. A lot of the time we let the client know and they work it out with their insurance. But for the most part on a daily basis, it is done with ease and care.

Our team is skilled and trained in removing large trees through small spaces. And as you can see in the videos we post on our social media accounts, we are at our best when removing trees in the obstacle courses that surround us. We are always up for a challenge. If the job requires a bucket truck or crane, the client will know beforehand and a quote will be given taken that into account. Joseph, the owner and manager of Tarzan Tree Removal, is always honest and up front with his clients. He will answer any question or concern they may have and always provide alternate options.

If you have any questions about removing a tree and you are worried about the damage it may cause, please call us at 347-833-5862.


25 Apr 2018
Tree Stump Removal Company

Spring Tree Removal in Brooklyn

Although the weather may feel like spring is not on its way, it is. And once it comes into full-bloom spring tree removal and trimmings will be at its highest demand. As the leaves and buds bloom and the foliage is present, property owners and even renters start to see the need for our services. However, now it is the time to start any type tree work! Including trimming, pruning, removing roots and landscaping. Without the bud and bloom it is easier to remove and trim. As there is less clean-up and time involved.

Spring Tree RemovalSince condos, co-ops and attached homes make up Brooklyn, tree servicing is a very detailed project. If there is a tree that is touching more than 1-4 properties a lot of the times neighbors will gather together for the cost to remove it. Whether it is on one property or not, since the lots are so close trees can hang over property lines. This can be dangerous, as the tree can be dead or sickly. Or just plainly a nuisance neighbors. Spring tree removal requires an trained, educated and fully insured team like Tarzan Tree Removal.

If the homes are attached and only have access through the front of the home, spring time is also a hassle. The entire tree has to come through the home after it is removed once it is cut down to ground level. Including all of the brush, buds and leaves.

Spring Tree Removal in Brooklyn: Removing the Roots

Because tree removal is so tedious, it is vital that roots are removed if you want to avoid regrowth of a tree. Even if a tree is cut down to ground level that does not mean it will not grow back. A stump grinder machine must be taken to the root. It is a large machine with blades that is pushed back and forth over a stump. It cuts the tree stumps so that they die and do not re-grow. However, if a machine can not fit into the property that requires a house walk-through it may not be possible so it is down manually. For any more questions about spring tree removal please call 347-833-5862.

04 Oct 2017
Brooklyn Tree Service

Tarzan Tree Removal Brooklyn

Welcome to the top Tarzan Tree Removal Brooklyn! Fall is here. And now it is time for clients to get ready for the season. Whether that means removing dead branches or trees, we are on call.

During the end of October we are taken up a lot by Sukkot season. A Jewish holiday that requires branches and trees to be removed. A sukkah is a temporary hut they build out of twigs and branches. We have been giving special discounts for this holiday.

We are also giving specials on fall clean-up, which has become very popular. People like to clear our their yards for the cold weather. This is also the time we encourage people to take a second look at the trees on their property.

Getting Ready for the Winter: Tarzan Tree Removal Brooklyn

Strong winds and heavy snow can cause sick or dead trees to fall over. Branches to drop. Sometimes, even damage to homes and personal property depending where they fall. At Tarzan Tree Removal Brooklyn, we are the number one company to call.

Tarzan Tree Removal BrooklynOur tree service team will make sure that both you and your property are protected. We will be frank. If a tree can be pruned or trimmed before the cold weather approaches, we will advised. We will also advise if it needs to be removed.

Clients remove trees in the summer for no real reason other than the fact it is the time of year trees are in bloom. In reality trees can and are removed all year round. However, in certain weather conditions like snow they can not. But the chances of snow and wind being in the way are slim.

Our tree removal company is busy all year around. We also sell firewood in the winter. Our firewood is dried for over a year and has become a favorite among our clients. Because of this, we stay in constant connection with our customers all year round!


20 Sep 2017
Local Brooklyn Tree Removal

Tarzan Tree Removal Service

Welcome to Tarzan Tree Removal Service. In a short amount of years we have gained such a reputation in the industry. Joseph P. Messina, owner and founder, believes this is because of their customer service skills.

“90% of the estimates I go on I end up completing the job for,” says Joseph. “Clients and all people I meet like the company name, logo and price. I am always fair and try to work with the client. And once they meet my team, they know they made the right choice.”

Call  Tarzan Tree Removal ServiceSeptember and October are the busiest times of the year for Tarzan Tree Removal Service. Although the summer is always busy, along with spring, it seems that at the beginning of the Fall people want to get ready for the winter. Vacation is over. Reality sets in and people begin to focus on getting their house ready for the holidays. And Brooklyn Tree Removal service is always ready for it!

Why our Clients Love Tarzan Tree Removal Service

Most of our clients are very pleased with our work. And our Brooklyn Tree Removal reviews reflect that.

Our last client Marc F. in Brooklyn Heights, wrote that it was a great experience from beginning to end. He also added that he left a message and within 30 mins he called back. Our team scheduled him asap and gave him a “reasonable price.”

And that is one of many reviews where our clients raved about our work. We are passionate in serving the Brooklyn area and making sure that people are happy with our work. Some of the jobs we complete clients are left in awe. Tree removal can be an amazing process sometimes when a tree is so enormous it is hard to understand how it can be taken down piece by piece.

Tarzan Tree Removal Service also tries to advise our clients to always save a tree when we can. If complete tree removal can be avoided it is always our first choice.

If you have any questions about our tree services, please call 348-833-5862.