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Brooklyn Tree Cutter

Welcome to your local Brooklyn Tree Cutter. At Tarzan Tree Removal we make sure that our clients take full advantage of our affordable prices and expertise.

Here at Brooklyn Tree Cutter we provide more than just tree trimming. Rather, we have an array of services that include tree planting, tree removal, stump removal/grinding and 24-hour emergency tree service. Since our most important part of our job is to create a trusting relationship with our client we offer a FREE tree estimate consultation before the job is started.

Tree cutting is also known as tree trimming or pruning. Our professionals are experienced, precise and meticulous when performing any of these services on your property. Home owners may have a certain attachment to their tree, whether it has been on their families property for years or a gift, so it is important to be very careful when handling it.

Brooklyn Tree Cutter

People may think that is easy to cut or trim and tree, which will result in them trying to do this on their own without a professional. This is a big MISTAKE as it is in fact highly dangerous and difficult. Depending on the height of a tree you will need a professional tree climber to attach themselves to the tree with expert equipment. This protects them from falling out of a tree, as it anchors them to it.

Property owners may want to trim a tree for either cosmetic or legal reasons. Obviously if you want your property to look neat and appealing you will have to keep up with the maintenance of a tree. Another reason is because the city or town may also fine a homeowner if a tree on their property is a nuisance or danger to the public you must call Brooklyn Tree Cutter immediately.

After a climber is securely attached to a tree they will then go to the top and begin to trim or prune the tree. Our climbers are highly qualified, as they are experienced with trees that are seven stories high. Once the tree is trimmed to the home owners expectations our team will then provide clean-up of the left over branches.


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16 Feb 2016
BEST Local Tree Service Company

Brooklyn Tree Service

Welcome to Brooklyn Tree Service. Tarzan Tree Removal is a top rated and fully insured company serving the five boroughs and Long Island. For the past three years our tree professionals have helping our community and clients rid their yards and property of fallen and sickly trees. Our climbers are trained to remove trees and cut down branches in any location or environment, as they are trained for any safety situation.

By calling Brooklyn Tree Service you have made it both easier and cost efficient for you to take care of your tree. First, you can reach out to us through Tarzan Tree Removal, e-mail or our phone number. Once you do we will access your needs and ask you to send over a few photos. After carefully looking them over we will send over a tree professional to five you a FREE estimate that is affordable and fair. Together we will set up a date and time for us to come and cut down or trim your tree.

By trusting us and allowing Tarzan Tree Removal to visit your property you have already by a decision in the right direction. Our relationship with our customer is designed to be long term so that in the future if you ever need something else you would not hesitate to call.

Brooklyn Tree Service

By creating valuable customers Tarzan Tree Removal has already fulfilled its mission. Our clients are our top priority in any given situation, so we make sure that you are pleased with the outcome. It may be a tough decision something to remove a tree that has been in the family for a long time and we will do everything we can to salvage it. However, if the tree is causing danger to you and your family we will firstly make sure that you are safe.

Another reason you may want to remove a tree is to create more room in your backyard for a pool, play set or new outdoor design. Which ever the situation may be it is important that you choose the right Brooklyn Tree Service. We will also make sure that all stumps are removed so that the ground is flat and easier to work with after the tree is removed.

For more information, please call Tarzan Tree Removal!

09 Feb 2016
Tree Climbers in Brooklyn

Tree Removal in Brooklyn, NY

Welcome to Tarzan Tree Removal, the most trusted company servicing tree removal in Brooklyn. Our tree removal company serves Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx and greater are of Long Island. For the past few years we have formed tight relationships with clients in both residential and commercial areas.

Along with tree removal in Brooklyn we offer a variety of services including tree trimming, stump grinding, 24/7 tree removal service and health inspections. Our full insured company has a staff of expertly trained tree professionals and climbers that are ready to take on any situation. Our tree removal in Brooklyn will get back to you withing 24 hours of your inquiry.

If you are thinking of anything regarding tree service you have chosen the right company!

Tree Removal in Brooklyn

Tree removal in Brooklyn is not only more affordable than other companies but we offer the best customer service you will ever receive. In fact, clients are constantly reviewing us and saying how personable and fair all of our tree professionals are. We are continuously increasing our education and learning about different methods to better serve our clients and their needs.

Not only do people contact us for removing and entire tree, but there are other reasons you may need us. One is that your tree fell down and left a stump in the ground, which can be dangerous and also be unpleasing to look at. If that is the case we will send a tree professional over to remove the stump with a machine called a stump grinder so that there is nothing left sticking out of the ground. Another reason you might call us is to trim your tree or shrub, which will require a climber to go atop your tree and cut off the unwanted branches.

People also call us to come over and check out the health of the tree, which is detrimental in determining whether or not you will remove a tree. Some trees are sentimental to homeowners and can be a difficult decision to make. However, if the tree is diseased with fungus it must be taken down immediately.

No matter the size of a tree or how close it may be to your home or cable wires or tree professionals are able to cut the tree down without damaging property.

02 Feb 2016
Tree Removers in Brooklyn

Tree Removal Service

When you need a Brooklyn Tree Removal service this spring, think of Tarzan Tree Removal. After the winter is over and it is time for spring cleaning and pruning, it is important that you choose the right service to help you figure out the health of your trees and the type of pruning they will need. For those of you looking to re-design their front and back yards this spring, we also have a variety of landscaping services we can provide.

Our company is based in Brooklyn, NY and we cater to all of the five boroughs and Long Island. Our services include tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding and 24/7 emergency service. Since Tarzan Tree Removal was started after Hurricane Sandy we are equipped to handle any dire situation, like a hurricane or blizzard, and have an array of experience as well. This sets up a apart from many tree removal companies, as we have the type of hands-on education that can’t be learned in a manual.

Our Brooklyn Tree Removal company is ready for any season or situation.

Brooklyn Tree Removal

Unlike many others, our Brooklyn Tree Removal company is fully licensed and insured so that our clients and community are protected in any situation. Although we have never had an incident that involved any type of damage it is good to be protected at all times. For any questions, please call Tarzan Tree Removal at 347-833-5862.