Rotting Tree Removal Service

Sheepshead Bay Tree Service

We are you local and trusted Sheepshead Bay Tree Service. For any type of tree service, whether it be commercial or residential, we promise to offer you the best prices for the most qualified work. Our team of professionals is experience in tree removal, 24/7 emergency service, tree pruning, stump grinding and landscaping. We have created a reputation in the area that has garnered the respect of all community members alike.

Now that spring is approaching us we are offering a 10% off spring cleaning special for all of those property owners out there that want to get their front and back yard ready for entertaining. Whether you want to remove two-story tall trees in the backyard to create space for a new swing set or trim your shrubs to create a pathway to your front steps, Sheepshead Bay Tree Service has got you covered.

Our team loves to help clients re-design their property so that it looks like whichever page of the catalog that they have ripped out. Trees and shrubbery are very important to the entire appearance of a house, as it can easily take the attention away if it is not in good condition or looks unhealthy.

Sheepshead Bay Tree Service

Choosing a tree service is very important, as it can be tedious and dangerous to remove trees that are located close to your home. The last thing that you want is a company to damage a home while removing a tree. Fallen branches on roofs have caused thousands of dollars worth of damage that sometimes has to be filed with your home insurance, which will inevitably increase your payments.

At Sheepshead Bay Tree Service we are committed to avoiding any damage and giving our clients the best experience as possible. If you are interested in receiving a free estimate, please call 347-833-5862.

Coney Island Tree Service

Welcome to our Coney Island Tree Service. Our company is Brooklyn friendly and was created to help our community after Hurricane Sandy where we coined the name Tarzan Tree Removal. Our services include 24/7 emergency tree service, tree removal, tree trimming and stump grinding.

Our Coney Island Tree Service caters to both commercial and residential property owners. As the spring begins to approach it is important that you begin to take a look at your landscape and decide what you are going to upkeep and what needs to go. After a long winter like the one that has just begun to pass damage may have been done to your landscape and property – that is okay, as we are here to help you!

Coney Island Tree Service

One of the most important things about deciding whether you are going to remove a tree is to make sure that is not in the position to cause any danger or harm. If your tree is dead and leaning on the sidewalk it becomes an immediate danger for anyone passing by. In order to figure out if this tree needs to be removed or pruned, please call a professional from our Coney Island Tree Service immediately.

Trees are also removed for design reasons. With trees in the middle of your back or front yard property it may be hard to decorate or for instance, created an outdoor patio space. Clients are surprised and shocked after how much more space is freed up once a tree is finally removed, along with its stump. Once a tree is cut there will be a stump, or large root, sticking out of the ground. In order to get rid of it a professional will have to use a stump grinding machine.

For any questions about pricing, please call 347-833-5862!

Best Tree Cutting Service

Brooklyn Tree Cutter

Welcome to your local Brooklyn Tree Cutter. At Tarzan Tree Removal we make sure that our clients take full advantage of our affordable prices and expertise.

Here at Brooklyn Tree Cutter we provide more than just tree trimming. Rather, we have an array of services that include tree planting, tree removal, stump removal/grinding and 24-hour emergency tree service. Since our most important part of our job is to create a trusting relationship with our client we offer a FREE tree estimate consultation before the job is started.

Tree cutting is also known as tree trimming or pruning. Our professionals are experienced, precise and meticulous when performing any of these services on your property. Home owners may have a certain attachment to their tree, whether it has been on their families property for years or a gift, so it is important to be very careful when handling it.

Brooklyn Tree Cutter

People may think that is easy to cut or trim and tree, which will result in them trying to do this on their own without a professional. This is a big MISTAKE as it is in fact highly dangerous and difficult. Depending on the height of a tree you will need a professional tree climber to attach themselves to the tree with expert equipment. This protects them from falling out of a tree, as it anchors them to it.

Property owners may want to trim a tree for either cosmetic or legal reasons. Obviously if you want your property to look neat and appealing you will have to keep up with the maintenance of a tree. Another reason is because the city or town may also fine a homeowner if a tree on their property is a nuisance or danger to the public you must call Brooklyn Tree Cutter immediately.

After a climber is securely attached to a tree they will then go to the top and begin to trim or prune the tree. Our climbers are highly qualified, as they are experienced with trees that are seven stories high. Once the tree is trimmed to the home owners expectations our team will then provide clean-up of the left over branches.


For more information, please call Brooklyn Tree Cutter at 347-833-5862 or email




16 Feb 2016
BEST Local Tree Service Company

Brooklyn Tree Service

Welcome to Brooklyn Tree Service. Tarzan Tree Removal is a top rated and fully insured company serving the five boroughs and Long Island. For the past three years our tree professionals have helping our community and clients rid their yards and property of fallen and sickly trees. Our climbers are trained to remove trees and cut down branches in any location or environment, as they are trained for any safety situation.

By calling Brooklyn Tree Service you have made it both easier and cost efficient for you to take care of your tree. First, you can reach out to us through Tarzan Tree Removal, e-mail or our phone number. Once you do we will access your needs and ask you to send over a few photos. After carefully looking them over we will send over a tree professional to five you a FREE estimate that is affordable and fair. Together we will set up a date and time for us to come and cut down or trim your tree.

By trusting us and allowing Tarzan Tree Removal to visit your property you have already by a decision in the right direction. Our relationship with our customer is designed to be long term so that in the future if you ever need something else you would not hesitate to call.

Brooklyn Tree Service

By creating valuable customers Tarzan Tree Removal has already fulfilled its mission. Our clients are our top priority in any given situation, so we make sure that you are pleased with the outcome. It may be a tough decision something to remove a tree that has been in the family for a long time and we will do everything we can to salvage it. However, if the tree is causing danger to you and your family we will firstly make sure that you are safe.

Another reason you may want to remove a tree is to create more room in your backyard for a pool, play set or new outdoor design. Which ever the situation may be it is important that you choose the right Brooklyn Tree Service. We will also make sure that all stumps are removed so that the ground is flat and easier to work with after the tree is removed.

For more information, please call Tarzan Tree Removal!