08 Aug 2017
Stump Grinding Company Brooklyn

Trusted Brooklyn Tree Service

Tarzan Tree Removal is the most trusted Brooklyn Tree Service company in all of New York City and Long Island. We provide strategic tree services by addressing the health and aesthetics of your landscape as well as the safety and liability of the property. The top-rated tree service in Brooklyn offers tree services that can be trusted by customers.

Everyone at Tarzan Tree Removal believes tree removing must be done with care and precision. Our team is highly trained to remove unwanted trees or safe a tree via trimming. It is always our prerogative to safe a tree rather than move it entirely. However, if it is a safety issue or a firm client request than it must be done.

As a Trusted Brooklyn Tree Service we have a reputation to maintain with our clients. Our team tries to go the extra mile, whether it is trimming a little extra or move the schedule around. 

Applying for NYC Tree Permit

So, what is your next step after booking your appointment with Tarzan Tree Removal? Make sure it is not a NYC tree.

Because most of our clients are in the city it is important to figure out if the tree is on their property. Apply for a New York City Tree Permit. If you are a homeowner looking to trim, remove or perform any type of service to a tree and you are a resident of New York City, you MUST apply for a permit. This is a recent New York City requirement for all tree services.

To apply for a permit please visit the NYC Gov Parks website https://www.nycgovparks.org/services/forestry/forestry-application.  You have to apply if you are doing any type of construction near or related to trees. Or work being near trees have to have a permit applied at least 20 days before. To play it safe Tarzan Tree Removal would suggest doing it at least two months before. 

For the most trusted Brooklyn tree service call 347-833-5862.


01 Aug 2017
Manhattan Beach Tree Service

Manhattan Beach Tree Removal Services

Tree Removal is our specialty. Manhattan Beach Tree Removal Services provides  expert tree removal and tree trimming advice and services. We are fully insured with workers comp and use the latest equipment in the industry. Since we have a fully trained team with background experience we can take on tree projects of any size. We have received exceptional compliments from our customers through word of mouth and internet reviews.

Manhattan Beach Tree Service

Welcome to Manhattan Beach Tree Removal Services.

Our workers are able to remove a tree quickly without any damage to the property. Whether we have to trim or remove a tree, grind a stump or check the health of a tree, we are happy to send one of our professionals. Our team is available in Manhattan Beach around the clock, if you need a tree removal during the late hours of the night. There is someone to answer the phone with any questions or concerns you might have twenty four hours, seven days

a week. 

Tree removal can be costly depending on several factors; the size, proximity of home and health of the tree. Since every tree and situation is unique, there is no way of giving a set price. We are known to focus on affordability when it comes to our work. But don’t worry, we offer free price estimates for all our jobs.

High Rated Tree Service Manhattan Beach Tree Removal Services

Tarzan Tree Removal is the highest rated Emergency Tree Service in the New York area. Our company successfully developed a trusted service after its position during Hurricane Sandy. When Mother Nature calls for stormy weather we need to supply the tree service.

Customers trust us as a source for tree service. None of our competitors have been able to create relationships with community members like we have. This is why Manhattan Beach Tree Removal Service has a good reputation and a five star rating on yelp. After your appointment, please rate us on Yelp to help out other people when finding a reliable tree service company.

Professional Tree Removal Service

Call us for Drone Removal!

When there is a drone stuck in a tree, think of Tarzan Tree Removal! Or at least that is what the Cypress Hills Cemetery did. We get a variety of calls about all types of tree removal services. Some of them are of the norm like tree removal or stump grinding. Others are random like drone removal. Or not so random being the fact drones are becoming very popular toys used for videos and photographer.

Yesterday we can an emergency tree removal call from a man who was using a drone at his home 2 miles from Cypress Hill Cemetery. When our team arrived at the cemetery we were surprised to find an Oak that was over 150 years old and 160 ft high. Removing the drone proved to be more difficult than we thought. But of course Tarzan Tree Removal was up for the challenge. After getting one drone stuck in the tree they decided to use another one to try and get it out. Of course, this was unsuccessful. And with two drones in the tree, it was time to call Tarzan Tree Removal.

With a tree this old it is important for our tree climbers to be delicate during the process. Especially since most tree climbers use spikes to get to the top. After an hour or so the two drones were carefully removed. It took two rounds. It was important for the tree climber to be especially carefully handling the drones since they too are delicate (and expensive) items.

History of Cypress Hill

After being called for drone removal Tarzan Tree Removal learned a fun fact about Brooklyn’s history. It was developed in 1848 and has had some famous people in
the United States History to be buried there. This includes Jackie Robinson, one of the first recognized African American baseball players in the United States. Along with many solidiers from wars that happned with our country like the American Civil War, WW1 and WW2 and the Korean War.

You learn some new everyday!


Park Slope Tree Service

The Best Tree Service in Park Slope

Welcome to Tarzan Tree Removal. Also known as the Best Park Slope Tree Service. Tree removal has become a lost trade. There are not many companies that actually climb up a tree. Instead tree climbers are replaced with machines. And it seems that the art and skill of arborists are dying out. Except for that fact that Tarzan Tree Removal is bringing it back to life.

Removing a tree takes a certain amount of skill, experience and courage. If you have ever seen a tree and wondered how it is cut down in the middle of New York City, here is how. Many customers think that we yell timber and a tree magically falls down flat like in the movies. However, we do not live in the middle of the forest. In fact, we live in a place that is quite congested with people, personal property and cable wires.

The Best Tree Service in Park Slope. Cutting a tree down in Brooklyn is not an easy task. Because of the proximity to homes and wires, removing a tree needs to be done wit an artistic skill. Every single cut made by our  the Best Park Slope Tree Service climber is thought out. Each cut means that a branch or trunk of the tree will be falling in a certain direction. Therefore the crew on the ground works in sync with the climber. Wherever he cuts the crew on the ground is there to pull, catch or start laying to the ground.


Why we are the Best Park Slope Tree Service

The best way to make clients understand why they should use Tarzan Tree Removal is to read our reviews. Recently, Park Slope Tree Removal removed a tree for an investor. It was a NYC tree, so we had to guide our client through the process of requesting a permit. After waiting for the permit from NYC for over 40 days, we started the process.

Depending on the height of the tree and the obstacles in our way the removal or tree trimming can take an entire day. Sometimes, over a two or three day span. However, if you want a tree service that is going to remove a tree in the safest and most efficient manner clients will respect the time.

Our Reviews

“I am a business owner myself, and fully appreciate how other people conduct their business. Joe always responded to me himself and addressed my concerns right away. He was very honest and straight forward, no nonsense. He was also very pleasant to interact with,” says Minilong. “The price Joe asked for was fair and reasonable (I compared it with other proposals). If you are looking for someone to remove tree for you, just give Joe a call. I believe you will be very happy with him. Hope my comments can ease you anxiety during the searching process. I found Joe through yelp. I hope other people can also benefit from yelp.”

Joseph Messina, the owner of Tarzan Tree Removal, prides himself on his client relations. He believes that the best way to grow  a business is to make sure that every client is happy. He also takes a good amount of time to explain the process to his clients. Most of them do not know how the tree removal process works. And that is okay. It is the reason why clients call us!