16 Feb 2016
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Brooklyn Tree Service

Welcome to Brooklyn Tree Service. Tarzan Tree Removal is a top rated and fully insured company serving the five boroughs and Long Island. For the past three years our tree professionals have helping our community and clients rid their yards and property of fallen and sickly trees. Our climbers are trained to remove trees and cut down branches in any location or environment, as they are trained for any safety situation.

By calling Brooklyn Tree Service you have made it both easier and cost efficient for you to take care of your tree. First, you can reach out to us through Tarzan Tree Removal, e-mail or our phone number. Once you do we will access your needs and ask you to send over a few photos. After carefully looking them over we will send over a tree professional to five you a FREE estimate that is affordable and fair. Together we will set up a date and time for us to come and cut down or trim your tree.

By trusting us and allowing Tarzan Tree Removal to visit your property you have already by a decision in the right direction. Our relationship with our customer is designed to be long term so that in the future if you ever need something else you would not hesitate to call.

Brooklyn Tree Service

By creating valuable customers Tarzan Tree Removal has already fulfilled its mission. Our clients are our top priority in any given situation, so we make sure that you are pleased with the outcome. It may be a tough decision something to remove a tree that has been in the family for a long time and we will do everything we can to salvage it. However, if the tree is causing danger to you and your family we will firstly make sure that you are safe.

Another reason you may want to remove a tree is to create more room in your backyard for a pool, play set or new outdoor design. Which ever the situation may be it is important that you choose the right Brooklyn Tree Service. We will also make sure that all stumps are removed so that the ground is flat and easier to work with after the tree is removed.

For more information, please call Tarzan Tree Removal!

14 Sep 2015
Tree Removal Company

Tree Trimming for a Healthy Tree

Tree trimming service can help you keep your property and loved ones safe from fallen branches. After a few branches fell in Bryant Park (a local Manhattan park) last week, we are advising all homeowners to take a few minutes and read our guide to avoiding falling trees. Although nobody was hurt, fallen branches cause severe damage to innocent civilians and personal property every year.

How can you tell if a tree branch is about to fall?

There are many signs that a tree is not healthy or becoming very week. For instance, if a tree branch looks lifeless, with no leaves during its bloom season the branches are likely to break off soon. Tarzan Tree Removal Service usually looks at these four areas when inspecting the safety of a tree.

Tree Overall Appearance: From a distance take a look at your tree check to see if it is leaning in a certain direction, missing areas of leaves or large dead branches. 

Trunk: A trunk is the main support of a tree, holding up its weight and branches. Check to see if the trunk appears to have any type of fungus, dead bark, cracks or insects.

Roots: A tree is held up by its root system underground that serve as its is anchorage and support, as it provides all the water and nutrients. If a rot rots or decays a tree can fall at any given moment, which is a frightening factor in owning a tree. To check if the roots are healthy you are going to have to look at the surrounding ground area. Move away any leaves or ivy at the base and check to see if there is any fungal growth (e.g. fungal growth), cracked or raised soil where trunk meets the ground or insects at the base of the true.

Canopy (upper layer of tree): Dead wood on a tree is one of the key signs to checking its health – check is there are dead branches don’t have leaves or are missing bark.

Tree Trimming Service

So when do you now when its time to call a tree trimming service company?

If your tree has any signs of health issues as described above, please call Tarzan Tree Removal Service at 347-833-5862 or send an e-mail to booking@tarzantreeremoval.com. We will send over one of our trained tree service specialists to make sure that your tree does not end up causing a dangerous accident.

If your tree is in need of tree trimming give us a call for a free estimation. We are your tree trimming service company.