Call us for Drone Removal!

When there is a drone stuck in a tree, think of Tarzan Tree Removal! Or at least that is what the Cypress Hills Cemetery did. We get a variety of calls about all types of tree removal services. Some of them are of the norm like tree removal or stump grinding. Others are random like drone removal. Or not so random being the fact drones are becoming very popular toys used for videos and photographer.

Yesterday we can an emergency tree removal call from a man who was using a drone at his home 2 miles from Cypress Hill Cemetery. When our team arrived at the cemetery we were surprised to find an Oak that was over 150 years old and 160 ft high. Removing the drone proved to be more difficult than we thought. But of course Tarzan Tree Removal was up for the challenge. After getting one drone stuck in the tree they decided to use another one to try and get it out. Of course, this was unsuccessful. And with two drones in the tree, it was time to call Tarzan Tree Removal.

With a tree this old it is important for our tree climbers to be delicate during the process. Especially since most tree climbers use spikes to get to the top. After an hour or so the two drones were carefully removed. It took two rounds. It was important for the tree climber to be especially carefully handling the drones since they too are delicate (and expensive) items.

History of Cypress Hill

After being called for drone removal Tarzan Tree Removal learned a fun fact about Brooklyn’s history. It was developed in 1848 and has had some famous people in
the United States History to be buried there. This includes Jackie Robinson, one of the first recognized African American baseball players in the United States. Along with many solidiers from wars that happned with our country like the American Civil War, WW1 and WW2 and the Korean War.

You learn some new everyday!


01 Dec 2016

Bensonhurst Tree Service

Welcome to Bensonhurst Tree Service! Tarzan Tree Removal is proud to work and serve in Brooklyn. From tree removal to stump grinding our team has gained a reputation in the area that is unbeatable. Our prices, combined with our skills and customer has lead us to become the number one choice for tree service. To truly believe this, ask our past clients.

A resident resident from the area had nothing but great comments about us. He said that said that after he easily booked an appointment to trim his tree we were prompt. And “took care of business faster than I could have imagined.” The homeowner also added we were polite, fast and clean. With raving reviews like that it is easy for our business to grow. The biggest referral you can ever give Bensonhurst Tree Service is a positive review. As a small business owner this can make or break your business.

On Yelp, which is one of the most highly utilized company review website, we have over 15 reviews. Our overall rating is five out of five stars. This is thanks to our great clientele and ability to satisfy our customers. Along with our ability to creating a long standing relationship.

Bensonhurst Tree Service in the Winter?

What do we do in the winter? Provide fully seasoned firewood and snow removal during the cold seasons. After Bensonhurst Tree Removal removes a tree it is cut and stored during the year. This is so that the firewood, which is sold as cords, becomes seasoned and tried out. So that our clients can enjoy longer lasting fires and stay warm.

Firewood can be ordered via e-mail or text. It is sold in cords, and of course the more you buy the bigger deal we give. A cord is typically priced between $225.00 – $250.00. Depending on the type of wood is being sold. Free delivery is also provided for our clients.

Along with tree removal and landscaping we provide snow removal. During the winter months it is vital that property owners have a company in mind for any snow storms. If you are unprepared for a snow storm you can be stuck for days. Cars and sidewalks can remain covered in snow for days.

For more information about Bensonhurst Tree Service, please call 347-833-5862.

05 Sep 2016

Sukkot Tree Removal

Tarzan Tree Removal Services is currently offer free estimates and special pricing for the Sukkot without any difficulties. Our company provides professional tree services of all kinds. This includes tree removal, trimming, pruning and stump grinding. Because of our reputation and customer service we have become a number one source for tree service during the Sukkot Holiday. 

What is Sukkot?

Brooklyn has a large Jewish community. Each year they gather together to celebrate this holiday. Sukkot is a biblical Jewish holiday celebrated on the 15th day of the month of Tishrei. Throughout the week of the holiday meals are eaten in the sukkah. A sukkah is a temporary hut built out of branches, twigs and aluminum (resembling an outdoor shed). Clients from all over the Brooklyn area practicing the Jewish holiday will build them in their backyards.

Tarzan Tree Removal Service will help Jewish community clear their backyards so that they can easily create a sukkah. However, this year Tarzan Tree Removal is offer 10% off tree trimming. Along with 15% off tree removal. We understand how important this holiday is and we would live to give back to our loyal customers. Our team can also help families build their sukkah by bringing them the branches and twigs they need. 

Sukkot in Brooklyn

Customers have give Tarzan Tree Removal the reviews and referrals it needed to become a top tree removal company. Therefore we are continuously grateful. Our company is constantly offering specials and affordable prices. In the event of any emergency you can count on us. Our team is equipped and ready for any storm or emergency situation that may occur. Since the team is so reliable we are a top sought our tree removal company.

Congregations throughout Brooklyn have called on us during Sukkot. Even private families already know that we are the tree removal company to use during this holiday. The best part about it is how happy clients are for our services during this time. The holiday is very important to them and is actually a quite beautiful ritual. For those who are interested in our Sukkot Tree Removal Specials please call 347-833-5862!

Why Brooklyn Tree Removal Services?

Welcome to Brooklyn Tree Removal Services. If you are looking for landscaping or tree services, do not go any further. Our company, Tarzan Tree Removal, has a five start reputation in the industry. Our customers have given us five star reviews, continued work and the best of all, referrals.

For services like tree removal people usually do what they call ‘shop around’ for prices. This involves calling every tree company around and requesting an estimate. We fully understand this concept and are open for free estimates 24 hours, seven days a week. However, we promise that once a customer meets our team they will choose us. This is because we are affordable, logical, friendly and most importantly, experience.

A tree arborist from our team will visit the property that needs tree services within 24 hours. He will decide whether or not the tree imposes an immediate danger. If it does our team will work day or night to remove the entire tree or branches. Our clients safety is the number one priority and as an emergency service we pledge to be there for you no matter what.

Brooklyn Tree Removal Services

Because removing a tree is a costly and big decision to make it is vital that you do it with a company you can trust. If a tree can be saved from a disease and just in fact needs a tree trimming, that is what we will do. We are not trying to shake our clients down, rather build a reputable name in the business. The team at  Brooklyn Tree Removal Services is reliable and resourceful. After every job is completed they make sure to clean-up all tree debris, branches and garbage.

As for our emergency services we have helped customers in all types of situations. Whether a tree fell onto a vehicle, garage or neighbors house we have been able to assist almost every call we get. The team is experienced in working in all types of weather conditions and environments. Because of the immense amount of knowledge we have there is no comparing us to other companies.

For all of your Brooklyn Tree Removal Services, please call 347-833-5862.