20 Jan 2020

Wood Decor for Sale

Tarzan Tree Removal has entered a few venture, wood decor. We were trying to be creative and think of different ways to recycle wood. As much as we try to re-use the wood debris that we take back to our yard from each job, including logs and branches, it seemed like there was a better way. So, in effort to re-use and recycle we decided to turn the wood we gather into decorative pieces.

The pieces of wood can be bought singly as a decorative piece. However, most people are interested in purchasing the pieces for parties and private events. Things like baby showers, bridal showers and the holidays seem to be the most popular.

The wood is sold in circular pieces, a few inches in width and can be customized in diameter. We can also cut smaller pieces that can be used as coasters or table setting places. There is a rustic trend going on in the home design field where our wood pieces can fit right in. Customers can be as creative as they want in their requests; we will try to fulfill them all.

Firewood for Sale

Firewood is also another route we take to re-use and recycle wood leftover from our tree service jobs. After a tree is cut down the brush is put through the wood chipper. The logs are taken back to our yard where someone from our team splits the wood. All year around we sell seasoned firewood. It is sold by the cord and bundles. If a customer just needs enough for a fire-pit or outdoor grill we invite them to come to our yard and pick up as much as their car can hold. We are pretty flexible when it comes to firewood. We also offer free curbside delivery.

For more information about the wood centerpieces or firewood for sale please call or text 1347-833-5862.