15 May 2020

New Wood Chipper for Tarzan Tree Removal

After four years in business we are excited to show off our new Brush Bandit Wood Chipper that we just added to our collection. Our team wouldn’t be more excited for the Covid119 crisis to be over so it can be put to work. And that’s thanks to our customers for supporting us!

As the world moves away from diesel fuels we made the decision to go in the direction of gas. Especially in New York City. They are working effortless to cut down fuel emissions and make it as unattractive as possible for diesel machines and trucks.

The Brush Bandit Intimidator 18X is gas wood chipper with a mouth that fits 22 inch pieces of  wood. allowing this machine to process larger limbs and forked material. There is dual feed wheel system with hydraulic motors. It can handled. In plain English, this means we can chip up the wood from each job faster. And more efficiently. It’s a monster of a machine and makes our tree removal and trimmings easier.

Tree Services and Virtual Health Check-ups

As we wait for the Covid 19 crisis to be over and NYC to be taken of PAUSE we urge are clients to check the health of their trees. And the trees surrounding their property. It’s important to make sure there are not any broken branches. Bark discoloration or bug infestation. As long as the tree is treated earlier we can try to save it. For the time being we are offering virtual tree health check up appointments. If it is an emergency Tarzan Tree Removal can come to your property to remove or trim a tree. We are also accepting appointments for tree removal and services after June 15th (in hopes NYC will no longer be on PAUSE).

To book a future appointment or to do a virtual health check on a tree, please text 347-833-5862. Clients can also email us at Booking@tarzantreeremoval.com.