Tree Cutting Service

Coney Island Tree Service

Tarzan Tree Removal is your trusted Coney Island Tree Service.  We have a history with our people of Rockaway and the seaside. Ever since the birth of our company from the ashes of Hurricane Sandy our job is to help you clear up any unwanted biological waste. Our tree service has helped homeowners in the area deal with emergency’s related with tree’s and such ever since our company came to fruition. We understand the difficulty and unfortunate circumstances that can occur and we want to help.

At Coney Island Tree Service we offer an array of service. We can perform many jobs such as tree trimming, pruning, stump removal and landscaping and it does not stop there. Our job is to remove unwanted debris and material on your property. We will go to many lengths to negotiate a fair deal between our clients.We will always guarantee the best price. Our clients are important to us and we believe that a company should do its best to provide an affordable but, still amazing service to the people.

Coney Island Tree Service

As opposed to other companies, Rockaway Tree Service works with the customer. We want to be as transparent as possible and to earn your trust. Our goal is not to swindle the customer but to create a trust between us.  We also don’t want to create  financial burden upon you and are more than happy to work with our clients to get a better understanding of his/her situation. Our focus to be able to give our clients the best deal in the area. If other services provide a lower fee I assure you Coney Island Tree Service will be able to offer a even lower price. Rockaway Tree Service wants the best for our customers, always remember that. For many years we have been building trusting relationships with our clients, and will continue to do so.

Freshening up your property by removing old unwanted shrubbery and trees can really boost the overall aesthetic of your land. We can understand why so many people who are in the market to sell their homes are calling us. A fresh look will help attract more buyers and increase the worth of your home, especially with the current real estate market, as homes have finally begun to increase in value.