Tree Removal & Tree Trimming Service

Tree Trimmer Service

We are your local Tree Trimmer Service for all types! Our team at Tarzan Tree Removal is able to handle any type of tree trimming job, no matter the height our size. Our experienced tree climbers have safely got to the top of the tallest trees you canĀ imagine. Using the latest tools in the industry and having a team of seasoned tree professionals has helped us create a strong reputation in the Tri -State area.

Property owners of all kinds, both residential and commercial, call us daily for requests to trim their trees or removal of branches. Sometimes branches are dead, sticking out in all directions, growing over property line or just need to be tamed. Which ever the case, clients can get a round about estimate by sending over photos through e-mail or text to our Tree Trimmer Service.

Tree Trimmer Service

Along with tree trimming and pruning, we offer removal and stump grinding. To remove the tree entirely is a more arduous effort than tree trimming and requires more man power and time, depending on the size. Tree removal can be done for design, health or hazardous reasons – either way, Tree Trimmer Service is here to assist you!

After a tree is removed there is a stump sticking out of the ground, or you just may have one of the property that you bought from the previous owners. Stumps are removed with a stump grinding machine that is handled by a professional. By removing the stump you can create more space and allow more room to walk on your property.