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Park Slope Tree Service: Preparing for a Storm

We are your Park Slope Tree Service company. In fact, the number one tree service in Brooklyn. Over the past year we have spent an enormous amount of time removing and trimming trees. Whether it was a brownstone, detached or commercial property, all Park Slope residents have been satisfactory with our work.

During this time each year in the New York area we expect rainy and windy weather. During these times it is vital property owners check that all of their trees are healthy. Currently, Hurricane Matthew is devastating the Caribbean. The news forecasters say that it is too early to tell whether New York will be affected. However, it is better to be prepared than not.

Strong winds can cause trees to fall, even the healthy ones. The trees that are leaning or have broken branches are an immediate concern. You should call Tarzan Tree Removal at 347-833-5862 immediately to have them looked at before the storm occurs. Like we learned with Hurricane Sandy, it is better to be safe than sorry. That is why you should chose a company that is experienced like Park Slope Tree Service.

The trees on your neighbors side of the property might even be a threat to you. If that is the case contact your neighbor directly. You can split the cost of taking care of the tree. What ever is hanging over on your property line you have the right to cut. But if the tree needs to be removed totally you must have their permission to.

Park Slope Tree Service: Private Property Vs. City Property

Tarzan Tree Removal is also has a very good idea about what clients need and want. Especially in the area of Park Slope, where city trees constantly touch private property. We also know what is feasible. For those of you looking to remove a tree on city property, please understand the process.

If the tree a client wants to remove is on city property Park Slope Tree Service can not give and estimate and quote and simply remove the tree. The resident who wants the tree trimmed or removed has to file a permit with NYC. The document can be obtained online. After the resident fills out the permit a Park Slope Tree Service like ourselves need to sign it. A response from NYC could take a week or a few months, and even then we can’t guarantee they will let us.

For more information please call 347-833-5862 or email