10 Mar 2018
Tree Removal Company in Brooklyn

Tree Cutting Service

A Tree Cutting Service is also known is commonly known as pruning or trimming. In New York City it is important that property and homeowners trim their trees. Because homes and business are so close together in the city a lot of the time a tree on one property ends up in their neighbors yard. This can cause friction between two neighbors.

Tree Cutting Service in BrooklynAs per New York State law a property owner can trim a neighbors tree if it is hanging over to their property line. And nothing more. You are not allowed to go into your neighbors property without permission. If there is tree that has fallen on your property and requires access of a neighbor it is important that there is open communication. As long as our company and neighbors are able to work together the removal or trimming is an easy process.

If a client wants to be listed as an additional insured on our insurance it has to be requested up front. We need to know 24-48 hours before the job is completed. We have to end the request to the general liability insurance company, who issues the certificate. Each additional insured cost $100 per our insurance carrier. Because of the industry we are in all certificates must go through our carrier.  If any Certificate Holders are needed there is no charge.

Do You Have to Pay Tax for a Tree Cutting Service

A common question we always get from a client is “do we have to pay sales tax”. All maintenance services like tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal or shrubbery trimming must the charged sales tax. The only time a a client will not have to pay sales tax is if the service is a part of capital improvement. A NYS form must be filled out by both parties and kept for their records. Schools and churches are also exempt from paying sales tax.

For any questions out our Tree Cutting Service please call 347-833-5862 or e-mail booking@tarzantreeremoval.com.