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Bed-Stuy Tree Service Specials

Welcome to Bed-Stuy Tree Service! We are excited to announce that we are giving 15% all tree services this spring. Because there are no leaves or flowers yet trees are easier to remove. Which is Call for all Bed-Stuy Tree Service Questions why we give a special this time of year. With less tree debris to remove and carry out this is the best time of year to start your spring cleanings. Or to remove that large tree in your backyard that is leaving. It could also be time to trim trees that are creating too much shade in your front and backyard. To redeem the 15% off clients can just mention this blog post. It will apply for all tree services for the month of April and May.

As the flowers begin to bloom and the plants start coming to life people begin to take more notice of the way their yard looks. We understand that here at Tarzan Tree Removal, which is why we have begun our spring preparation. Bed-Stuy Tree Service is ready to answer all calls about removing and planting trees. It is also the time of year for sod and soil jobs to take place, since it has to be done in dry weather.

While most tree services are taxed by NYS, all capital improvements, like planting, do not have to pay sales tax. There are other types of jobs that can fall under capital improvement. If you are a property owner planning a project please visit the NYC website. Details can be found there along with the document to fill out. Our team at Bed-Stuy Tree Service is always around to help, so please reach out.

Bed-Stuy Tree Service

Along with tree removal we provide trimming an pruning. In order to complete remove the roots of a tree a stump grinder machine is required. A Bed-Stuy Tree Service operator can remove the roots a foot underground. Since a stump grinder is a large machine, it may not fit through a doorway. A lot of homes in Brooklyn require us to access the backyard through the home. If that is the case our team can cut the tree as far down to ground level we can.

For more information about our tree removal services please call 347-833-5862.