14 Dec 2019
Crane Removal for Large Tree

Tree Removal Near Cable Wires

Tree removal and tree trimming can be tricky in NYC, especially because of the proximity of the to basically everything; the home, cable wires, electrical wires, cars and property. Most of the time when we do tree work on enormous trees and have to remove them through the home because that is the only access to the backyard. Attached homes and brownstones are what define Brooklyn. For us that means the tree service job is more challenging, not difficult.

All of this can be overwhelming and scary for our customers. Most of the time they are worried about their home being damaged. Which we understand since they are having large tree branches and logs being carried in their living room. For the past four years we have been successful removing and trimming trees in this manner without damaging our customer’s property. There may be one or two instances that this wasn’t the case, but it was explained to our clients beforehand. Sometimes there is no way to remove a tree without minimal damages. A lot of the time we let the client know and they work it out with their insurance. But for the most part on a daily basis, it is done with ease and care.

Our team is skilled and trained in removing large trees through small spaces. And as you can see in the videos we post on our social media accounts, we are at our best when removing trees in the obstacle courses that surround us. We are always up for a challenge. If the job requires a bucket truck or crane, the client will know beforehand and a quote will be given taken that into account. Joseph, the owner and manager of Tarzan Tree Removal, is always honest and up front with his clients. He will answer any question or concern they may have and always provide alternate options.

If you have any questions about removing a tree and you are worried about the damage it may cause, please call us at 347-833-5862.