Tarzan Tree Removal BROOKLYN NY

The History of Tarzan Tree Removal

There is just something about working in your own home city that gives you an extra boost of passion. Our team at Tarzan Tree Removal have all grown up in a part of Brooklyn.

The owner, Joseph Messina, is from Sheepshead Bay, also known as Gerristen Beach. Growing up near the water, he always had a different view of Brooklyn than most since he spent his time on boats and jetskis. So, when Hurricane Sandy hit he was particularly effected by the disaster because of the proximity of the water to his neighborhood. Although his house sat 1 story tall, most of the bungalow style homes on his block and were completely destroyed from the hurricane.
The water, in fact, submerged entire houses under water. For weeks there was no electricity, heat or a places for families to live. It was a very sad and time for Brooklyn, who needed more extra hands than were available. And that is how Tarzan Tree Removal was formed.

Joseph and a crew of men helped out the city and homeowners who had received damage from the storm. Trees had fallen on houses, cars and the streets. There was an endless amount of work that needed to be done in order for the homes to be rebuilt.

Today, Gerristen Beach is still in the process of renovating homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Government aided groups like Rebuilding New York City and Build it Back have helped along the way. But, it is still not completely back to normal.  However, with all of the lending hands from companies like Tarzan Tree Removal, it is sure to be back to its better self sometime soon.

Tarzan Tree Removal Services

For those of that may not know, Tarzan Tree Removal provides hands-on, strategic tree services. This can range from tree removal to trimming. If you have any questions about a tree on your property, please call us at 347-833-5862.