26 Oct 2016
bay ridge tree services

Bay Ridge Tree Service: Our Vow to Bay Ridge

Welcome to Bay Ridge Tree Service. Not only is Bay Ridge one of the most popular areas in Brooklyn because of its shopping, restaurant and proximity to Manhattan, it is one of our favorite areas to work in. After removing a tree our team usually stops at the best Philly Cheese Steak spot, Philadelphia Grille, for a bite. Which is always a plus.

Anyway, back to our tree services for the area. For the past few years Bay Ridge Tree Service have been providing the best services in the area. From tree removal of all sizes and proximity to power lines, our team is capable of anything. Most important we got the best training during one of the worst storms that ever hit New York, Hurricane Sandy.

Since then our team has grown accustomed to dangerous situations. With close proximity to the water the Bay Ridge area was significantly damaged by Hurricane Sandy. It was a time the Bay Ridge Tree Service will never forget. Our team is available 24/7 for any emergency situation, whether it is unrelated to weather or not.

Bay Ridge Tree Service

Bay Ridge Tree Service receives calls from both residential and commercial properties. It is important to know that trees that are on New York City property can not be removed without a permit. This can be done by applying on the NYC Parks and Recreation website. A tree service company must sign off on it for it to be completed and it could take weeks to hear back. However, we are more than happy to removed or trim a tree after NYC signs off on it.

Bay Ridge Tree Service services include tree removal, tree trimming, stump removal and landscaping. During the winter months we are also available for emergencies and snow removal. Currently we are offering special snow removal discounts and packages for property owners all over Brooklyn.

Although some may feel its too earlier to talk about snow, once it starts coming down panic begins to strike. In order to waste time searching and calling a bunch of snow removal companies we encourage you to call Bay Ridge Tree Service now at 347-833-5862. Someone from our team will help you figure out what exactly you will need if a snow storm occurs.

P.S. For the cold winter nights Bay Ridge Tree Service also has the tools you need to keep war: fully seasoned firewood. Our team will deliver it straight to your door and stack it for you!