10 Nov 2020
Brooklyn Tree Service Experts

Brooklyn Tree Services

Tarzan Tree Removal has gained a reputation to land them in the category of the best Brooklyn Tree Services. Over the past year our crew has been working diligently to help our clients all over the Brooklyn borough.  From complete tree removals to stump removal, Brooklyn Tree Services continues to complete each job with drive and passion. And because of these Tarzan Tree Removal continues to gain a reputation throughout the borough.

Because we are your number one Brooklyn Tree Removal Company!

For all stump removal calls we receive, it is important clients realize a few things. First, in order to completely remove a tree trunk a machine called a stump grinder has to be brought to the site. This machine is heavy and not easy to maneuver without at LEAST two people. Second, the machine is about three feet wide. If there is not a fence opening or alley way leading to the trunk, our stump grinder machine will not be able to complete the job. However, there is a chance that we can rent a stump grinder that is small enough we will let our client know.

Most of the tree removal jobs require professionals to clean-up after it is completed. This means that all of the large rounds will be transported from the site to our storage location. Most of the large branches will be put through the woodchipper machine. A wood chipper is a large machine with blades that has an engine and turns the branches into wood chips.

Brooklyn Tree Company

By choosing a Local Tree Company,  clients are already making a decision in the right direction. Although there are many other tree companies out there, hardly any of them have the characteristics we do. This includes passion, professional qualifications or personality that we do. Because of our old school style of tree climbing (since many companies now use tree lift machines) and our Brooklyn nativity, our customers never seem to be amazed by the work that we do.

With that said, it is no wonder that our customers have become Tarzan Tree Removal’s best source of referrals. Clients from last year have already started to call back to have other branches removed, bushes trimmed and ect. For more information on our Brooklyn Tree Services, or to find out why so many property owners in NYC call us, please call 347-833-5862.