28 Feb 2018

Spring is call Our Name at Canarsie Tree Removal

As soon as one warm day of weather hits us, Canarsie Tree Removal phone starts to ring. It is the time of year that people are most excited for. And of course, our spring special of 25% off yard-clean up has arrived. This includes any type of tree service, along with removal, trimming and planting. Also, shrubbery removal and any type of debris or fallen branches that have covered your yard. Although we did not have a winter filled with much snow it is during this time that “junk” begins to accumulate in the front or backyard areas of properties.

Making Your Outdoor Space Fun with Canarsie Tree Removal

For our clients looking to put their home on the market this spring, it is important that their home has curb appeal. We recommend giving us a call before you decide to list the property.  A lot of

Canarsie Tree Removal

Spring Cleaning 25% Off

buyers will judge a home by the way it looks on the outside, so first impressions are important. It is not a big expense to add flowers and get ride of weeds and ect to make the home look prettier upon first glance. Right now clients have enough time to plant them. Or full grown plants to plant. Whatever the case, Canarsie Tree Removal can help add that flair!

Spring clean-up is also for those who are not selling. Rather, just getting ready to enjoy the warm weather and their outdoor spaces. Removing dead trees or weeds can make more room for clients to create a backyard with more entertainment, like a fire-pit. They can be bought or built from scratch, where directions can be found on a DIY blog. It is a fairly easy process to make an outdoor fire-pit, and it adds a certain charm to outdoor space. One that is more inviting and ready for entertaining. With that said, after the fire-pit is built our clients will know exactly where to purchase seasoned firewood – Canarsie Tree Removal!