Park Slope Tree Removal

The Top Park Slope Tree Removal

Welcome to the Top Park Slope Tree Removal Company. Park Slope is known for its beautiful brown stones, quaint community and array of unique dining and shopping. And of course, its beautiful landscaped areas. With that said , its important to choose a tree service that acknowledges and appreciates these facts about the area.

Tarzan Tree Removal has a long standing relationship with the community. Not only to we service the area, our team spends time enjoying all of the aspects of Park Slope. The owner of the company enjoys the sidewalk sales that they have in the spring and summer seasons. It is definitely worth a a visit! The vintage tables have some of the best selections of all records. Also, some of our favorite restaurants like the Crab Spot are over here – it is some of the best seafood around.

Speaking of restaurants, they need tree removal services just like homeowners. Recently, we helped a brick oven pizzeria, Roberta’s, in a nearby area called us to remove a tree and do some trimming. After talking with the owner it became apparent that pizzerias are interested in purchasing firewood from us. The team at Park Slope Tree Removal has since then been trying to let all of the brick oven pizzerias know that we have firewood for sale. When you develop a meaningful transaction with a client it can lead to many more possibilities. We are now even looking to purchase a kiln so that we can dry the firewood. Some pizzerias only used kiln dried firewood.

Brownstone Park Slope Tree Removal

Tarzan Tree Removal loves a good challenge. And that is exactly what we tend to get in Park Slope when we are called by people who live in brownstones. Brownstones are what define Park Slope and exactly what comes to mind when people think of the area. It is also a difficult type of home to do any type of backyard tree services.

Without any access to the backyard, like a driveway, our team has to walk through the house in order to bring equipment. Our team always takes great care of personal property in these occasions by laying down tarp and covering the floors. It is important to choose a company like Tarzan Tree Removal, especially when there is such a high risk of property damage. Unlike other companies, we pay for high quality insurance for both the company and our staff.

The neighbors are usually in close proximity, so most of the time Park Slope Tree Service has to work in a tight space. Because of our experience and highly trained staff, this is not a problem. Rather just an obstacle. Once the tree is removed or trimmed, the team will then have to carry the branches and rounds through the home to the street.

If you have any questions about our services, please call Tarzan Tree Removal at 347-833-5862.