06 Nov 2017
Tree Removal Firewood Company

Winter Brooklyn Tree Service Firewood for Sale

Though the typical busy season is over, Winter Brooklyn Tree Service is still going to be needed. Whether contractors need trees cleared for new development or branches cleared for bad weather. We are here for you.

Welcome to Tarzan Tree RemovalThis winter we are focusing on helping our clients stay warm for the winter. And by that we mean supplying them with our firewood. Seasoned for over a year with Red Oak and Sycamore pieces. Some pieces are even seasoned for two years. We try to use all of the pieces of trees we remove and trim for a recyclable reason. Like staying warm or even selling it to companies who re-purpose it to build furniture.

Firewood delivery is free and curb-side. Clients who want the firewood stacked outdoors or indoors will have to pay a fee to each tree service employee. We give a discount of 25% to all past clients. For any firewood delivery requests please call or text 347-833-5862.

Winter Tree Removal

During the winter trees are still in need of attention. Limbs can still break off and cause damage. They can still become sick or die. And even though there are no leaves, trees can still be pruned. Even though the weather gets colder our tree services are still in high demand. Right now we are still getting calls for all types of Brooklyn tree service.

As a small business in the area we always try and help out the people in our community. Our prices are competitive and the owner, Joseph P. Messina, always tries to make a project work-out. Being negotiable, friendly and caring has helped our business thrive. It has also helped create a great reputation that has created a wave of referrals, which is our favorite type of compliment.

Tarzan Tree Removal also has both company and worker’s compensation insurance. This is needed and requested by most home and property owners. For more information about obtaining a copy when we are servicing you, please email booking@tarzantreeremoval.com.