08 Aug 2016
tree trimming services

Tree Cutting or Pruning

Welcome to the premiere Tree Cutting company in Brooklyn. Tree cutting, also known as tree trimming or pruning, is a common request from our customers. Just like plants and bushes, trees need to be taken care of also. The leaves and branches need to be trimmed in order to avoid it to become over grown. Our tree arborist, who is over 27 years experience, will make precise cuts of the branches. This will ensure that the weight is evenly distributed. While he is in the tree our arborist will also make sure that there is no bug infestation.

For bug infestation our tree arborist would have to schedule a separate visit. While he is trimming the tree he will mark all the spots of infestation. This will allow him to see how badly the tree has been attacked. Most of the time we will be able to save the trees health. However, if the bug infestation has caused damage that can not be fixed and has weakened it, the best option would be to remove the tree totally.

While tree cutting in Brooklyn is important the health of your tree, it is also good for increasing the value of your home. For people who are looking to sell their home, taking simple landscaping maintenance steps can help. By removing trees and creating more space in the backyard will help sell them home. Taming all of the trees and bushes will give a sense of grandeur to the home as well.

Tree Cutting by Tarzan Tree Removal

You might wonder why Tarzan Tree Removal is better at tree cutting than any other company out there. Our team is not only seasoned but experienced for all types of situations. We are known for our precision and carefulness. This is especially important when we are trimming a tree that is close to the home or personal property. If we have to go through the house to access the backyard we are very careful not to scratch or bump into personal property.

Our team is also experts in the clean-up process. After trimming a tree of branches and leaves there is always a ton of tree debris left over. Unlike other tree removal companies we do not leave anything behind. We make sure that the backyard or frontyard is looks exactly how it did before. This is also free of charge and not reflected in the price. It is just a courtesy that we give our clients.

For any tree cutting questions or to schedule an appointment, please call 347-833-5862.