01 Dec 2016
Bensonhurst Tree Service

Bensonhurst Tree Service

Welcome to Bensonhurst Tree Service! Tarzan Tree Removal is proud to work and serve in Brooklyn. From tree removal to stump grinding our team has gained a reputation in the area that is unbeatable. Our prices, combined with our skills and customer has lead us to become the number one choice for tree service. To truly believe this, ask our past clients.

A resident resident from the area had nothing but great comments about us. He said that said that after he easily booked an appointment to trim his tree we were prompt. And “took care of business faster than I could have imagined.” The homeowner also added we were polite, fast and clean. With raving reviews like that it is easy for our business to grow. The biggest referral you can ever give Bensonhurst Tree Service is a positive review. As a small business owner this can make or break your business.

On Yelp, which is one of the most highly utilized company review website, we have over 15 reviews. Our overall rating is five out of five stars. This is thanks to our great clientele and ability to satisfy our customers. Along with our ability to creating a long standing relationship.

Bensonhurst Tree Service in the Winter?

What do we do in the winter? Provide fully seasoned firewood and snow removal during the cold seasons. After Bensonhurst Tree Removal removes a tree it is cut and stored during the year. This is so that the firewood, which is sold as cords, becomes seasoned and tried out. So that our clients can enjoy longer lasting fires and stay warm.

Firewood can be ordered via e-mail or text. It is sold in cords, and of course the more you buy the bigger deal we give. A cord is typically priced between $225.00 – $250.00. Depending on the type of wood is being sold. Free delivery is also provided for our clients.

Along with tree removal and landscaping we provide snow removal. During the winter months it is vital that property owners have a company in mind for any snow storms. If you are unprepared for a snow storm you can be stuck for days. Cars and sidewalks can remain covered in snow for days.

For more information about Bensonhurst Tree Service, please call 347-833-5862.