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Brooklyn Tree Service

Welcome to our Brooklyn Tree Service. Here at Tarzan Tree Removal we care about one thing – making our customers happy. There are many factors that go into this, including skill, pricing and personality, all of which we have mastered. Here at our company we make any tree removal, tree trimming or any other tree service you many need as easy and efficient as possible. Our clients call us and give us a few details about the job including address, yard access, photo and availability. We then send over a tree professional to give an estimate within 48 hours. Our team has an 80 percent business conversion since we are negotiable and affordable.

Although there are other companies out there, Brooklyn Tree Service is and will dominate the area. Not only do we have the skills, our team also has a personality that can not be matched. When there is a tree removal project going on in the front or back of a property people passing by constantly stop and stare. Whether a tree is four stories high or 20 feet our team is able to carefully to remove it.

Brooklyn Tree Service

Tarzan Tree Removal is a leading Brooklyn Tree Service. We are fully insured and ready to take on jobs of any size and length. Currently we have been building partnerships with general contractors and real estate management companies, who chose us because of our notability in the area. These type of companies want to use tree services that they can depend on and trust. If your want proof of our insurance, please let us know and we will send you an e-mail with our certificate.

The owner of Tarzan Tree Removal, Joseph Messina, believes that his services are unlike any others. All of his clients have done nothing but left raving reviews for him, saying that his team was amazing, fast, reliable, fantastic and affordable. Since building this company up from the time of Hurricane Sandy Joseph has done nothing but become more efficient. His personality and ability to connect with clients, especially during times of high stress and emergency, has gone a long way.

Our team will tell you the truth about your tree removal request. For instance, we would not trim a leaning tree that might fall because it is cheaper for the client. Obviously tree trimming is cheaper than a removal but we would not perform this if it can cause the tree to fall. This would put anyone in and around the home at risk, and we will not create a dangerous situation for money.

We will only perform tree services the right way. To book a tree removal estimate or learn more, please call our Brooklyn Tree Service at 347-833-5862 or e-mail