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Brooklyn Tree Lopping

If you are look for Brooklyn Tree Lopping, you have come to the right place for information. Tree lopping is very similar to tree trimming in the sense that you are removing branches that are either dead, sick or unwanted. However, unlike tree trimming when you decide to tree lop it means that you are cutting a branch down all the way to the stub. (The image to the right is the proper way to trim a tree. If it was tree lopping then you would see large stubs sticking out.)

Why do people believe  it is dangerous?

Tree professionals believe that tree lopping its dangerous because instead of trimming branches to the spot of overlapping wood tissue you cut to the stub. This means that when the branches grow back they are not going to be grown from their full support. This can cause them to be weak and increase the chances of them falling and damaging property or putting the life of citizen in danger.

Brooklyn Tree Lopping also believes that when use this tactic instead of tree trimming the changes of the leafs and foliage growing back naturally decreases. The whole point of hiring a professional to trim your tree is to make sure that they keep the natural appearance of it. If you decided to use tree lopping the chances of re-growth in its natural form decreases.

Brooklyn Tree Lopping

At Brooklyn Tree Lopping we do not recommend this method. If a commercial or residential owner calls and asks us about tree lopping we will provide them with all of the information above. However, because of the danger and risks that are involved we will guide them to make the right decision – tree trimming.

Our team at Tarzan Tree Removal is expertly trained in tree trimming. Our climbers are ready to take on trees of any size no matter the proximity to property, which is no danger. Before you decide on tree lopping, call us at 347-833-5862 for advice. We will guide you in the right direction.