Tree Removal Murry Ave

How Tarzan Tree Removal Can Help

Government companies like Build it Back have been working in Brooklyn since Hurricane Sandy. After the destruction of the storm, many families were left with homes destroyed by the water. Although some were able to be fixed, most were completely destroyed.

Build it Back has been working since 2012 to rebuild the homes ground up. Not only are they re-built, but all of the homes have been completely raised. So that if another storm happens again there is a lesser chance of water getting into the home if it is 10 above the ground.

Tarzan Tree Removal has been helping families fixing their home privately. We have been hired by contractors that work for Build it Back to remove trees in order for the building process to continue. Although its been over four years since Hurricane Sandy, we are still being hired by them.

Recently, just about a week ago, Tarzan Tree Removal was hired on Bedford Avenue to remove a tree out of the backyard for Build it Back. Although the home was almost complete, the contractors felt that the tree was posing a threat to the property. There are many homes still waiting to be finished in the Brooklyn area. Especially Gerristen Beach, which is surrounded by water and its known as ‘the beach’ area of Brooklyn. This area was hit very hard during Hurricane Sandy with homes still empty and damaged, waiting to be fixed.

The Difference Between Tarzan Tree Removal and Other Services

Tarzan Tree Removal is located in Gerristen Beach and has become the premiere emergency tree service for the area. The company is fully insured and has workers comp insurance. Since this type of insurance is expensive, most companies do not have them. This is why our company stands out from the other companies.

By choosing Tarzan Tree Removal you are paying for a service and the protection of your personal property. If an accident were to occur, which can happen due to the nature of the work, our insurance will protect the homeowner in every way. These certificates can be provided for the client prior to a tree project start date.

For more questions about our tree service, please call 347-833-5862.