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Sheepshead Bay Tree Service

Welcome to Sheepshead Bay Tree Service. Our company, Tarzan Tree Removal, is located in the heart of Sheepshead Bay. We provide the best tree services in the neighborhood and surrounding city of Brooklyn. Our team of professionals is recognized all over by our logo and bright colored green shirts, not to mention our amazing services.
At Sheepshead Bay Tree Service we provide tree removal, tree trimming, stump Removal and landscaping services. But above all we are known for our top notch customer service and affordable prices. We put our clients first and pledge to always be fair. The biggest complaint clients have about this industry is the feeling of being ripped off. However at Tarzan Tree Removal you will never feel that way because of our knack for negotiating.

Living in Sheepshead Bay means that you are at risk for any type of danger or damage when it comes to hurricane or strong winds. With the water so close to public and private property it is important to have home owners insurance. If a storm were to happen it is important for property owners to have a tree service on call that they can trust. Our company has experience communicating with insurance companies to make sure that their clients are covered.

Sheepshead Bay Tree Service

As the local Sheepshead Bay Tree Service we believe it helping the community at hand. We are open to sponsorship of all kinds and currently have our banner hanging at Kiddie Beach. All members and boats passing on by on the bay can read our large sign, as we supply all tree services for Kiddie Beach. Along with sponsorship our company shops and dines at all of the local stores and restaurants. We believe in supporting small businesses just like us, which is why we prefer a mom and pop shop over a franchise.

Our pricing is always fair and negotiable. We know that removing a tree is an expensive service and try to always be as fair as possible. During an emergency we want our customers to feel like they can trust us always. No matter what time of night it is someone will always either pick up or return your phone call. Whether it is a small storm or very dangerous one, we take all calls with the same attitude. Because the smallest wind storm can easily knock over a dead tree branch and damage your home it is also important for customers to be mindful of the health of their tree.

For more information please call Sheepshead Bay Tree Service at 347-833-5862.