22 Mar 2017

Fun Facts About Japan and It’s Pine Trees

]Tarzan Tree Removal Japanese Pine Trees.

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In Japan, there are some trees are considered especially important. This includes three types.

The pine. Pines are found across New York and the Brooklyn area. In the Japanese culture pine trees symbolize positivity, as it is evergreen all year round. Even in the colder seasons like fall and winter.

Bamboo is sacred and stands for strength because they grow long and tall. This type of plant is very prominent in Japan and other Asian Countries.

Rose blossom. Since this type of tree only grows in the dark of winter Japanese people believe that it represents patience.

Cedar Trees in Japan Vs. New York

The Brooklyn area is also filled with cedar trees, just like in Japan. However, they do not have the same affect on New Yorkers as they do it Japan.

Another fact about Japan is that 70% of the country is covered in forest. During World War II the Japanese had to cut down much of its forest for supplies. After the war was over they planted cedar and pine trees. These types of trees grow quickly and easily replaced the empty patches of land.

Fast forward to the current state of Japan. The cedar trees are now the cause for the allergies almsost 40% of Japanese people suffer from today called Hay Fever. Because the cedar trees began to grow so rapidly, it was hard to stop them. During the spring months many Japanese people will wear masks and take tons of medication for Hay Fever.

In New York, however, we do not have to worry about Hay Fever.