30 Aug 2019
NYC Tree Health

Tree Health Inspection Service

As we get closer to the colder weather we are urging our clients to check out their trees. The best way to promote the heath and growth of a tree is to maintenance it. That means we trim when its time to trim, or even treat for diseases.

But it’s not just the weather you need to worry about when it comes to keeping your trees healthy.

Currently emerald ash borer beetles are killing trees in NYC parks and homes. Its an infestation that feeds and finally kills ash trees. It is a disease from Asia, which came here on another tree. Just like over a century ago when Asian Chestnut trees that were transported here brought a disease that nearly wiped out our American Chestnuts.

Sick Fallen TreeIf you notice holes on your ash tree bark, or anything different on the park, please call us right away. We can perform an insecticide treatment that will hopefully save the life of a tree. Ash trees are mostly found in our NYC parks, which is pretty much the only place many trees can still be found in the city. And also our only chance at really preserving trees in our area.

Tree Health NYC

Although we are a tree service company, we do not want to see all the trees in NYC, or the country for that matter, cut down. Our clients are urged to opt for tree trimming when possibly. If the tree poses a threat to a home because of its proximity we first advise our clients to have a deep trimming. However, if the tree is dead or rotted we will inform you of the condition, and immediately provide you the tree removal service you need.

Trees that do not receive yearly check-ups, and tree trimming of dead limbs and branches pose great danger to all who pass by them. Strong winds can cause a tree to fall down on whatever it is near; house, car, or a worse, a person. This is why it is so important to regularly care for your trees, and inspect the health of your trees!

Benefits of Healthy Tress

In our already polluted city, trees help the air quality. But in a city like NYC, with the density of its population, its important to maintain the health of your trees to avoid removing them. At Tarzan Tree Removal we work hard to keep the trees of NYC healthy, but in NYC we are also committed to keeping people, and property safe from potentially hazardous trees.

On a side note, if you are interested in learning more about saving a tree or initiatives visit Spirit of Trees for a list. We definitely want you to take action in helping to keep the trees growing and healthy, and the organizations listed there do just that!

Also, if you feel that a tree on your property may be long overdue for a health inspection then we invite you to call our Brooklyn Tree Company now!